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any tips for extreme nausea

Hi girls, I am roughly 7-10 weeks pregnant and my morning sickness started very badly on sunday and has gotten worse, although I seem to have stopped the vomiting, I cant seem to eat for feeling sick and my stomach is like a burning, churning of sickness.

I eat a ginger biscuit in morning to stop the vomiting but the nausea is now effecting my work. image



  • Hey hun

    Mine was pretty bad too so I really feel for you. Ginger is good, ginger biscuits don't always contain ginger just the flavour so maybe try crytalised ginger if you can cope with the taste, also spear mint or ginger tea is very good or ginger ale (sometimes liquids are easier to deal with!). As your morning sickness is affecting your day to day life and does sound pretty bad you should speak to your midwife or GP they can give you things to help. x
  • MrsMemeukMrsMemeuk Posts: 267
    poor you image mine got better at 13 weeks. i found the travel sickness bands worked, although not very trendy!also ask your local health store? x
  • sharon30uksharon30uk Posts: 128

    I know how your feeling at the moment. I'm just under 7 weeks and I currently have hyperemesis and a kidney infection. I'm really struggling and can't keep anything down. This is my third pregnancy an was like this with my first. Yesterday I was told to phone the hospital and the midwife was great. She said if I went over to be checked on I probably would be kept in and put on anti-sickness injections and put on a drip to re-hydrate put the problem is sometimes you end up in a vicious circle because you get injections etc then get a bit better, get home then become the same again then your back in. The midwife said sometimes when your so sick and start getting the injections your body becomes so used to them. To be honest that's what happened the first time around with me I was in hospital then out then back in!!! It's a cycle that I'm keen to avoid if possible as I don't want to be away from the kids!! She did say try not to eat and drink at the same time do one or the other. She said eat what I feel like even if it's very small i.e. a few grapes. Once I can manage any sort of food eat little and often. My G.P. has given my an anti-sickness drug in liquid form and some antibiotics so I'm really trying although I've been told it can take a few days for the anti-sickness to kick in!!! As the midwife said the baby is getting all the nourishment it needs but it's draining us and making us feel so ill!!

    It's really hard but it does get better. I'm struggling with the liquids just now but hoping the medicine kicks in and then I can keep a little down!!

    Good Luck xx
  • sharon30uksharon30uk Posts: 128
    Another thing I was given a tip for but not tried it yet was V water from tesco, I think it's approx £1.20/£1.30 a bottle.

    Anything's worth a try.

  • H2TAandbeanieH2TAandbeanie Posts: 1,751
    thanks girls, Im actually at home today sick.. I was ill all through the night and have been vomiting all morning. whenever I ate or drank I was sick..

    after 3rd bout of sickness I felt better but am feeling ill again and am too scared to eat or drink..

    I have the doctors tomorrow morning, pray they can help me image
  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    Hi there. You poor thing, I had bad nausea too for the first trimester but not much actual vomitting. The constant nausea was bad enough. I found dry crackers helped - I had a box of Carr's Water Biscuits by the bed so I could cram them in my mouth at 3am or whenever the nausea woke me up. It's horrible eating when you feel sick, but I found that if I forced myself it did make the feeling go away. But like I said, I wasn't actually throwing up much.

    Hope you feel better soon. x
  • ccgukccguk Posts: 48
    hi i am 7 weeks too and have been really struggling - i bought some travel wrist bands today, put them on and within an hr felt so much better - may be worth a try-also weetabix has been working and crisps, lots of the them! oh and i managed a punnet of strawberries earlier which curbed my of luck, its horrid isnt it xx
  • H2TAandbeanieH2TAandbeanie Posts: 1,751
    Hi girls, it got so bad yesterday and then woke me at 3am this morning with vomitting right up until about 9.30.

    I went to doctors who prescribed me some anti nausea tablets which dissolve on your upper gum/lip.

    they seem to be working as I not been sick since this morning.

    managed to eat supper too image

    only thing now is they found protein in my urine so tests are away to see why.

    I hate this sickness, fingers crossed it goes after first trimester.

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