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I really need advice/reasurrance please!!!

Hi Girls, We have been trying for a baby since last september. On Thursday and friday i felt really sick, my period was due around the 21st although this is not definate as since stopping my pill i have started any time between 17th- 22nd of each month. Ive been getting feelings for a week or so and just pressumed it was my period on its way. However, on friday i felt vey sick in work and on my way home i had a really strong feeling that i should get a test. I got a first response and there was definately 2 lines although the ? positive line was much lighter than the control line so i wasn't sure if it was definatley positive. My hubby said he thought it was but we went a got clearblue digital. This one came up as pregnant and said 1-2 weeks which indicates the date of conception so i did another one first thing yesterday and it said pregnant 2-3 weeks. My last period was 21st march. I was sick yesterday morning and felt really sick last night but not sure if that was just excitement!

I have now got myself in a bit of a state that maybe im not even though ive had 3 positives! Think im just being silly but im off tomorrow so going to try and get in to see my GP.

Just wanted some advice really, do you really think i am pregnant? Also what will the GP do when i go to see him?

Im sorry for going on so long. Thanks in advance x x x


  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Yes u are u can't get false positives x. And the reason u might have had 1-2 weeks and 2-3 weeks is because that day might have been 2 weeks and 1 day that ur pregnant image Congrats x
  • Newmummy2beNewmummy2be Posts: 271
    Thanks for your reply. First day of last period was 21st march, i think that makes me 5 weeks today! Eeeeekkk fingers crossed all goes well x x
  • AnnasMummyAnnasMummy Posts: 367
    Congratulations, did you go to your doctor? What did he do? Im worried about that too esp as I dont know how far along I am. Will that clear blue digital work?x
  • Newmummy2beNewmummy2be Posts: 271
    Hello, no i haven't been to see my doctor yet, i only found out friday night so im going to ring in the morning and hopefully get an appointment then. The clear blue digital was really good, i was a bit confused by the conception dates displayed though as the firstone said 1-2 weeks and the second one said 2-3 weeks but im not too worried about that as i have worked my dates out. Do you know the date of your last period? x x x
  • H2TAandbeanieH2TAandbeanie Posts: 1,751
    congratulations hun.

    I used first response and it came up 3 x with a faint line and the control line, I went to family planning and their test came up with 2 dark lines. so definitely pregnant.

    I called my doctor who said that doctors no longer see you to confirm pregnancy, they just book you to see midwife for booking appointment at 10 weeks, its incredibly frustrating waiting.

    I hope you get an appointment for confirmation. I am now having to wait until after our honeymoon to see the midwife. arghhhhh

    Congratulations on the positive tests, im sure everything will be wonderful for you.

  • pinkpiggy57pinkpiggy57 Posts: 207
    If you did the 2nd test in the morning your HCG levels are higher in the mornings so might be why it said 2-3 weeks.

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