Painful ovulation

Hi girls,

I was just wondering if anyone else can feel when they ovulate? Over the past 3 months since being off the pill i've come to recognise the pain. My ovary basically aches for a couple of days and then becomes really painfull for about 10 minutes ( i reckon this is when i actually ovulate) and then aches for another day.

It's quite useful because i now know exactly when i'm about to ovulate (i used opks to make sure i was right).

Does anyone else get this?


  • agape42agape42 Posts: 73
    ME!!!!! I came off the pill so i've actually never properly 'ovulated' so this was my first month of being off it and i had painful cramps when i was presumably ovulating. I've been on the pill for 13 years so i honestly am oblivious to what your body does without it!!
  • Monster84Monster84 Posts: 45
    I'm so glad it's not just me. It's really bizarre isn't it? Never heard of this before and my Mum thinks i'm imagining it!
  • DeeDeeB2BDeeDeeB2B Posts: 272
    I get this too! Like you say it's kind of reassuring as you know exactly when youre ovulating!
  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    Me too (possibly) lol !!

    I came off the pill the start of the month, I had my withdrawal bleed almost straight away and around the 12-14th I had a dull ache in that area, but for about 10 mins was quite paintful. Sorry if TMI, but I seemed to have the discharge to go with ovulation. I am yet to have my first proper AF since coming off the pill, so keeping fingers crossed now for the 5th May (ish).
  • I know exactly what you mean - i came off the progesterone only 2 months ago and have had a withdrawal and AF and some really bad ovulation pain - its not fair is it? we only just get over the period pain!

    Then again my mum (who is a GP) said its reassuring really! Me and H2b are hoping to start trying soon after the wedding (July 3rd) but we keep changing our minds as to when exactly (were thinking we may go to New Zealand in Jan...)

  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    I came off the pill at the beginning of april, about ten days into my cycle i noticed a stabbing pain low down in my tummy to the left (not quite in line with my left hip bone, a bit lower) it wasnt really bad, but noticeable. It then stayed like that for a few hours and for 2/3 days after that it felt like i was bruised when i pressed it. I don't remember ever feeling this when i haven't been on the pill, plus my cycle has always been longer, so i'm not sure? Since then i've had slightly sore boobs which is unusual too so things are changing, and a few more uterine twinges than normal. We are ttc properly from july and am going to start using a fertility monitor then so will be interesting to see if i am ovulating when i get that feeling!
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