TTC July....Anyone else??

Hey All..

Can't stop thinking about anything else except for babies!!! Hubby and I went food shopping yest and ended up in the baby aisle, is it me or are there some real bargains out there at the moment!!!!

Anyway just wondered if anyone else will be TTC in July and would like to chat??



  • NowWedNowWed Posts: 91
    Hi, im getting married in july, going to ttc then!
  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    We are TTC in July! I can't wait - i'm sooooo excited! I came off the pill start of April, so just waiting for my first proper AF now.
  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    hoping to start ttc in july cant wait counting down the weeks
  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    Hi All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can i ask a personal question......

    Are you trying to reduce your Alcohol intake like all the advice says???

    I tried and lasted 2 weeks but then caved..image
  • saralloydysaralloydy Posts: 37
    Me me me!!!!!

    Took my last pill last night but we are going to try and be careful till july so that i can see what my cycle does!!!

    So excited!!!!!
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    I am an August TTC!!Have two little ones already and it took 3 months to fall pg both times so I'm hoping for the same (or quicker!) this time round!Am sooooooo broody!!xxx
  • clare1987isclare1987is Posts: 304

    We're TTC in July aswell, we already have a 2 1/2yr old girl and we don't want a huge age gap between children (we only plan on having 2!). I'm a bit baby mad at the mo and have already started looking at cots and prams!

  • willbmrsmwillbmrsm Posts: 182
    Hello ladies, we are going to start ttc again around July. I've had 2 mc since Christmas, one at 6 weeks and one at 9 weeks so giving myself a bit of time to get back to normal before we start trying again. Both times we have got pg straight away using ovulation test sticks so planning on doing the same again. Hoping for better luck this next time with a fair wind behind us!
  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    I'm ttc in july, after our wedding. Came off pill on 8th april and am having first AF now, so seems like for the first time in my life i might be regular! That's got to help. Mrs Miller, so sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, wishing you lots of luck this time. Lets all keep in touch image
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    Good idea wilbur image

    Mrsmiller I can relate to your loss having mc between my two full term pregnancies.Keep positive and it will happen very soon image

    lilys-mummy my little girl is a Lily too image I'm baby mad too haha- cant stop thinking of names!!Really should just be concentrating on the wedding!;)
  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    hi girls hows things goin
  • Hello, im going to TTC from July to! I cant come off the pill until then though as i have terrible acne which only the pill can keep at bay!
  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    God wish i could think of other things than baby!!!

    Pretty much every thought is somehow linked to baby -

    I want to loose some weight b4 TTC and so at least my heads thinking of calories at the moment. I'm off to London fri to spend the weekend with my Bestest friend who was my MOH, i just hate not telling her what we're planning!!!

  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    Im trying to loose weight before TTC also. To date, I have lost 2st 9lbs, but still weight 17st 10lbs. So got a lot more weight I could loose, but figure every little helps! We are going to start TTC in july, im sooo excited. All I can think about is names and prams and cots etc as well

    Good luck to you all!!!
  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    why is it the more u want baby u see loads of mums 2 b prams baby clothes
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