When can I test...

Dear lovely ladies,

I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice...

I'm on day 18 (of 26-28 day cycle)... think I ov'd about day 9... Now am having AF type cramps, have sore boobs, shiny face but mega dry skin everywhere else, drinking like a fish and peeing like a horse! So have got every single thing I can cross crossed...

Realistically when can I test to get a fair result? Hopes are obviously up but don't want to spoil it by testing too early!


Would be grateful if anyone could share their experiences! Thanks image


  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    And I know day 9 is early to ov but am about 95% sure as have always spotted the signs as early as this!
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    I wouldnt test until uve missed ur period hun, Its very rare to have symptoms until uve missed ur period some dont get any at all. Sometimes it can be ur body playing tricks on u, I hope it isnt an u get the result u want but i think its always best to get the best result to wait until ur AF is late about 2-3 days image x
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Thanks for your reply!

    I had a deep down feeling that would be the answer- but at the same time hoping it wasn't going to be!

    Am desperately trying not to let my body trick me, but when it's something you really want is really hard!

    Will sit tight like a good girl for another week and a half! image
  • BibbyBibbyBibbyBibby Posts: 210
    Definitely wait until your next period is due before testing. Our bodies do awful things to trick us! Last year, whilst trying to conceive, I had no symptoms at all during the 2ww and I was convinced that we had missed it that month, only to find out I was pregnant (ended in mc unfortunately). Last month I had every symptom under the sun of being pregnant and I was convinced I was but unfortunately AF turned up image It is so frustrating convincing yourself your pregnant only to have your hopes dashed! Grrrr!
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Thanks to you both for your replies....

    I was a good girl like I said I would be and held off til Saturday morning.... Agreed with Hubs would test then as we had big party to go to and if I was I wouldn't be having a drop to drink!

    So........... Instant BFP! image In fact came up before the control window thing had a chance to show! And have tested again this evening to be sure and still positive! We're both sooooo excited, although finding this secret business thing incredibly hard!

    Fingers crossed now all goes to plan!

    Thanks again!

  • racheybaby123racheybaby123 Posts: 572
    Congratulations! That's brilliant news! Good luck keeping your secret, and enjoy it! xxx
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Congratulations!!! imageimageimage You must be so excited image By the way u dont need to test any more just to make sure because u can never get a false positive image x
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