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Very sneaky >_>

I've not been on here in ages (or at least, logged in for ages) because I couldn't figure out wth they'd done with my profile after the big change - someone already was Mrs D - sob! Anyway, got it working, just in time to tell you all I'm pregnant! Absolutely thrilled - the faintest of faint lines on the test last night, but they say a line is a line, so we're over the moon. Going to re-test fairly soon with FMU, but still - yay!

Do have a question, though - hubs and I are actually going to be moving to a completely new area, indeed, country, before my 12 week booking scan thing - do I contact the new place and ask them to book me in, or do I contact my doctors down here first?

Also, how far from your chosen hospital are you allowed to be? I quite fancy the Liverpool Women's (we're moving from London to North Wales :O) and it's apparently a 50 min drive - would that be ok?

Hoping that the little ball of cells stays put! Good luck to everyone else - lashes of baby dust to all!


  • congratulations!!!

    i don't know tbh but i would probably ring your new doctors as that is where your new midwife will be based. i think you can choose any hospital, my friend lives in doncaster and wanted to have her baby at jessops in sheffield so they drove over and it is about a 50 min drive too...think its personal preference, if you are ok travelling that far then don't see why not!x
  • pinkpiggy57pinkpiggy57 Posts: 207
    im from bristol & here they give you a choice of 2 hospitals.

    Tbh i would not fancy driving for 50mins in labourimage & thats coming from someone who is on baby number 4 lol

    one hospital is a 15min drive,the other about 35mins in our area,i want to be at the closest lol

    i would book in at you now docs as you need the booking in appointment & the all they have to do is forward your notes to your new docs,you will have your yellow mat notes.

    Also you get a scan between 10-14 weeks x
  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    Congrats on your pregnancy hun. Im not sure on the distance thing tbh but just wanted to say that i've just give birth in the womens hospital yesterday and I couldnt fault it. I went through 3 different midwife shifts in my labour and every single midwife was perfect and helped me through so much. I was in labour start to finish for 65 1/2 hours but spent over 12 hours in hospital in labour and everything was perfect. Even the care afterwards. If you can go there then I would highly recommend it. I also had 3 bleeds in early pregnancy and they took care of me then without fault. Hope all goes well for you through your pregnancy.

  • MrsDunsmore2006MrsDunsmore2006 Posts: 2,061
    Thanks girlies image I think I'll give the hospitals up north a wee ring then and see what they say, as it does make more sense.

    Have been researching a bit more in depth, and the closest MLU to us is still 38 minutes away (Wirral University Teaching Hospital) - I think we're in the middle of nowhere when it comes to maternity care. They're actually slightly higher rated than Liverpool Women's, so, I'm all confused, now.

    Congrats, Mossy's Missus! What did you have?

    Also - what is ok exercise wise to do in pregnancy? I am currently doing 2 -3 body combat classes a week; can I continue with this as long as I do the lower impact options? Also, although I haven't for a month or so, would I be ok to run? I know it's ridiculous, but I have visions of 'unseating' the bean! Just want to make sure I'm doing everything possible, and not doing anything dangerous.

    Oh, and I did my clearblue digital test this morning (the pregnant/not pregnant one) and it's 100% official - so chuffed!

  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    Hi there


    Where in North Wales are you moving to? (Im in Chester)

    If I remember right there are hundreds of traffic lights and speed cameras on the way to Wirral University Teaching Hospital

  • MrsDunsmore2006MrsDunsmore2006 Posts: 2,061
    Hi Mrs McGovern2b,

    We're actually moving to Chester! Or, pretty near it. Flint to be exact.

    Do you have any recommendations of doctors etc up there? I'm really struggling! Obviously I don't know the area at all at the moment, so any information on the healthcare side of things, and even just general local stuff would be amazing image x
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