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REALLY Broody!!


I'm 27 on Thursday, getting married next year and am REALLY broody!!

Having kids never really came into my thoughts but lately all my friends are having babies and everywhere I turn there are newborns or pregnant women!

Now for the problem, H2B had a vasectomy about 16 years ago that cannot be reversed.

Plus he is 42 and has 2 kids from previous relationship so I think he has done his stint with nappies and now wants to live his life which i completely understand.

We briefly talked about sperm donation but he feels he will never truly bond with baby as deep down he will know its not biologically his.

I knew about his situation when we first met so he is not at fault at all and did not hide anything.

I guess my life wouldnt really suit a baby at the moment as I have started up my own business which involves alot of hours and our free time we go off on our motorbike or horse riding, neither of which you can do with a baby!

So...I hope I just get out of this mood quite soon!

Just wanted to share and get off my chest!


  • CrowviesCrowvies Posts: 552
    Aww hon that is a really tricky situation. I am starting to feel really broody too, and its hard enough feeling like that but not yet being quite ready to start the whole ttc mission, so I cant imagine how you are feeling.

    are you definitely sure you are happy with the prospect of never having children? It sounds like you have got loads of stuff going on to distract you and it sounds like you are very happy with h2b, but I do think you should sit down with h2b and have a good honest talk about how you might feel in 5 years - 27 is still pretty young and you might end up feeling more broody and what will happen if you do feel like that.

    Sorry, I dont mean to make you feel worse but i think its better that you and h2b have a proper chat about this. Would he consider getting the vasectomy reversed do you think?

    hugs xx
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    That is really tricky and i think there is only 2 options really is looking into the likes of sperm donation/adoption or see how much u really want a baby of your own and chance losing this relationship? Because at the end of the day your hubby 2 be has 2 children already and its abit unfair for him to expect u to go through life never having experienced motherhood/parenthood for youself if it's something you really want.

    I hope everything turns out ok for you hun xx
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