Thanks for the support lilywilly!!! Re - My last thread..."what do you think please help"

Dear Lilywilly,

Thanks so much for your support,I can't thank you enough for sticking up for me!!! your so lovely, I was blown away when I read the posts. Didn't want to cause any conflicts though!!. I guess I must have just written it all wrong.

I haven't been on here since the 26th of April...turns out I wasn't pregnant. Got my period 5 days late image

I am totally exhausted with this whole process and obsessing over it. Hubby has sadly decided he wants us to stop trying for a while due to work etc.

If other girls read this also, I wish you ALL the very best with TTC and a healthy 9 MONTHS to all the lucky girls!

I know it will happen for me one day...

Think I am going to give this site a rest for now...

Love Megs xx


  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Then dont try hun just haev fun having sex without contraception and if it happens it happens image Trust me it will when it's supposed to.

    I came off the pill about 2-3 years ago to try for a baby an i bled for 6 months and was found to have cysts on my ovaries and was told it could be impossible to have kids, so i went back on the pill to try and regulate my ''periods'' again and found out in Jan that i was 6-7 weeks pregnant and had fallen on th epill....!

    It will happen hun u just hav to forget about it and have fun image x
  • MEGSYukMEGSYuk Posts: 64
    Thanks Anna,

    All the best with the rest of your pregnancy. Enjoy your gorgeous bub when it arrives.
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Your welcome image Just try an put it to the back of ur mind and have fun image try booking a holiday or something image x
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