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Getting Married in 3 weeks and just found out I am 6 weeks Pregnant!!!

Hello All,

I am getting married 3 weeks on Saturday and I found out on Sunday that I am 6 weeks pregnant!!!

Both me and my H2B are over the moon!!!image


  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    Ah congratulations image

  • Amandas28Amandas28 Posts: 738
    Ah congratulations!!

    At least you will still fit in your wedding dress!

    My friend was 4 months pregnant when she got married, she fell pregnant after she had already booked it and sent out the invites. You couldnt tell she was at all. And she really enjoyed the day!

    Im getting married next year and my 2 little 1's will be a paige boy and flower girl cant wait! x


  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    Nic22185 - congratulations!

    I found out on Sunday that I am 5 weeks pregnant image I get married in 9 weeks!

    Have you had the hen night already? I don't know how I will manage to keep it a secret.... image

    All the best x
  • MrsHxMrsHx Posts: 4,037
    Congrats huni xx
  • Nic22185Nic22185 Posts: 36

    Yeah I have had my Hen Do's thank god.

    All I am going to do now is relax before the big day!!!

    Good Luck to you all!!!
  • keztkezt Posts: 75
    Such lovely news.... what a brilliant start to married life together xx
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807

    I'm getting married in 10 weeks and I had a little girl 4 weeks ago.....I have already got her a flower girl dress.

    Although I'm stressing at the mo but I think that is just from lack of sleep.

    Dawn x

    & baby Nell Grace xx
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