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Where to start??

My husband and I decided long ago that we would start trying for a baby straight after our wedding, which was 3 weeks past come Saturday, now that our honeymoon is over and we are into work etc I'm not sure where to start!!

Should we go with the flow and see what happens or start off with ovulation tests?? Also should I be taking vitamins and supplements at this time??


  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    I would start simply by stopping contraception and seeing what happens. Then if you start to get impatient a few months down the line you can move onto ov sticks and so on. But nothing is more of a passion killer than measuring of temperature and ovulation and so on dictating when you get jiggy with it - so if you can avoid all that I would. Plus, people seem to get pregnant more easily if they are relaxed, and not stressed. Treating it all a bit too clinically can pile on the pressure, which isn't helpful.

    What you should do is take folic acid though - it's better to already have this in your system before you conceive. So get taking that pregnacare (or similar)!

    Good luck. x
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Just let go and relax stop using contraception people are so impatient at getting pregnant these days that it has to happen first or second time! lol. I must say i was one of them people a few years ago and i learnt that no matter what u do u can still end up being disheartened and have nothing happen until its ment to. Trust me when it's ment to it will image I came off the pill couldnt get pregnant went back on the pill and fell pregnant on it! lol U work that one out! lol.

    Just relax and enjoy have sex when u want to not just for ''making a baby'' image I hope it happens soon enough for you and good luck image xx
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    go with the flow....its what I did and I now have a 4 week old baby to prove it.

    As Rhubarb said ov sticks are a passion killer....just enjoy the trying for a while then go down that road later

    Dawn x
  • Monster84Monster84 Posts: 45
    It's really important that you start taking folic acid straight away. You're supposed to take it 3 months before you start ttc so it can build up in your system before you get pregnant.
  • Nicki-JadeNicki-Jade Posts: 914
    All these ladies advice is spot on! I think if you start instantly on the mind set you want to fall pregnant straight away this puts a lot of pressure on you and hubby so seriously, enjoy the sex!!! Because once you fall pregnant, unless you are really lucky, it becomes rather rare! and when baby arrives even rarer! Although it shouldn't you just have a lot to deal with tiredness and allsorts of strange things happening.

    I have to admit to being exceptionally lucky, everyone is different but in my case, first pregnancy I fell within one month of trying and coming off the pill and same with this one I am expecting.

    It is a gift and we should treat as such rather than something we can control, its a result and amazing bonus of two people very much in love (in the ideal world of course).

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your baby making and just generally enjoying being husband and wife on ALL levels ;o)

    NJ x (36wks)
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