Hi, I found out this week that I'm pregnant,I think 5 weeks, which is great, still hasn't really sunk in yet, but I had booked for next sat to have a tattoo redone on my shoulder, I have done a bit of research and can really find a definite yes or no as to getting it done. I have the docs on thurs so will check and see what he says.

Has any one had one done or know any one who has in the early stages?



  • hey,

    i dont know if it would be ok or not but i know you aren't allowed to give blood for about a year after having a tattoo/piercing due to risk of infection, so it might be advisable not to in case any infection is passed through to the baby. i would get advice from your doc and if you can have it done then make sure the tattooist is reputable and hygienic.

    congrats on your pregnancy!!

    charl x
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Id ring and ask the tattooist they should know x
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    P.S i dont think they tattoo pregnant women becuase of the extra blood an fluid u have in ur body making it harder to tattoo image x
  • CBAUMECBAUME Posts: 68
    Thanks, may have to wait 9 months then, oh well something to look forward to x
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Thats what im doing lol. I want to get a tattoo well 2 but one i cant get until Daniel is born anyway but its still annoying waiting! lol x
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