How long did it take everyone?

How long did it take you to concieve?

I came off the pill in january, but only properly started trying in may!

Im under the assumption its going to take us awhile, although since coming off the pill my periods are more regular 28 days. Than they were on the pill.

I was apparently ovulating last friday, so we shall see if im lucky enough to fall straight away



  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    It took me along time hun about 2-3 years. I had trouble though when i came off the pill to try and i bled for 6 months and then they found 6 cysts on my ovaries and basically told me i was too fat and would never have kids without fertility treatment.

    So i went back on the pill to regulate myself again and lost 2 stone on weight watchers for the wedding i was planning for 4th September this year only to find out i was 6-7 weeks pregnant on 3rd Jan this year an my due date is 29th August this year! And im having a little boy image So it can take its time but its worth it hun image Dont give up image x

  • hiya,

    we caught first time so were very lucky as it can take months even years for perfectly healthy couples to conceive.

    i came off the pill at the end of may last year and we got married in july, we had our first try in september and it happened!! i am now 40+3 (fed up of waiting for the little one to arrive now!). when i came off the pill my periods stayed on the same 28 day cycle. hopefully it will be good news first time for you but if it isn't don't get disheartened....have fun trying and don't get stressed!

    good luck!

    Charl x
  • justarascaljustarascal Posts: 76
    I took my last pill on 9th March, got my BFP on 13th April. So not very long at all!
  • apple_eggapple_egg Posts: 39
    took me 2 months after being on the pill for 15 or so years. I thought it would take forever so I was completely gobsmacked, especially when we went for the 12 week scan & there were 2 in there!

    my wedding????s on Saturday & my boys are going to be pageboys.

    Good luck! x x x

  • agape42agape42 Posts: 73
    aw thats class apple egg and really reassuring for someone like me!!! I've been on the pill 13 years and just off it two months. Had some spotting last night and this morning so i was hoping it wasn't my period (which shouldn't be here til next sat) and maybe it is implantation bleeding??? Not getting my hopes up too much though!! My last period came exactly at the time it should've so i'm hoping that even if i'm not preggers yet that at least my body is going back to normal image good luck everyone!
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752
    I was only on the pill 4 years, and body returned back to normal very quickly.

    Im getting married in September, and it'd be the icing on the cake if we fall before then.

    My mum tells me the only time she didnt use protection me and my sister were born!

    So hopefully its the same for me, but not getting my hopes up too much!

  • apple_eggapple_egg Posts: 39
    Yeah could be implantation bleeding mrspinky. I did a pregnancy test a few days after I was due & it came back negative, was a digital one too. A few days after still nothing had happened even though I felt like I was going to come on so my work colleagues persuaded me to do another test & I did it at work (big mistake!) as it came back positive!

    So you never know!

    Best of luck! x x x

  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    I thought it would take ages after being on the pill for 16 years and being in my mid thirties. Only took three months, and no-one was more shocked than I was! I've since heard this a lot, that you are super fertile immediately after coming off the pill, which is why it is actually quite common to fall quickly.
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752
    Im due on friday. So we'll have to see what happens.

    im not getting my hopes up though xx
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    it took me 15 months to get pregnant.....and I now have a 5 week old little girl called Nell Grace who I couldn't imagine being without

    Dawn x
  • MrsHarkerMrsHarker Posts: 752
    15 months? Hope it doesnt take me that long.

    But when its meant to happen i guess itll happen.

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