I think im miscarrying

I found out on the 10th April that I was 5 weeks pregnant and we were so happy, unbelievably happy. Our wedding was on the 7th May. I took all the right steps.

We went for our what we thought was 12 week scan and the sonographer told us she could not see a heart beat.. I found this so hard to take in and process but she said we could be re scanned at a different unit where they deal with this every day, we are booked in for tomorrow morning

I was distraught all day friday and have been all weekend. I started bleeding on friday night and its been on and off since then.

I am so numb, empty and feel void. Not sure if this is a miscarriage.The baby is only 23.4mm big at the minute. could this all be a horrible coincedence?

the hospital seem to be so cold and appear to have written me of as baby already gone or going..

Im absolutely beside myself with worry about tomorrow and have had no medical support, no one has examined me or even seen me.

im so lost and me and my husband are praying everyday for a miracle.


  • agape42agape42 Posts: 73
    I didn't want to just nosey at your message and not say anything. I'm no expert on babies or miscarriage - but I honestly wouldn't worry too much until you go for your other scan (easier said than done though eh!). I hope it all goes well and i can understand how upset you would be as i'd be exactly the same. Big hugs xx
  • MrsS to beMrsS to be Posts: 2,633
    Oh hun, you poor things, I am no expert either. It's horrible having to wait, just try and relax until tomorrow.

    Did they say if the measurement was on par with the amount of weeks preg you are or give you any useful information at all??

    I have everything crossed for you hun xxxxx
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