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implantation bleeding or just random spotting?

i'm off the pill two months now (since honeymoon) and have been trying since. I had a 30 day cycle last month which told me my body is coming back to normal. I asumed then i would have my ovulation around the 17-20 - then my mate bought me ovulation kit so i thought i'd try it on monday past just to see how they work. It was positive - weirdly! We had sex sunday night and tuesday night - last night i had a browny pink discharge and spotting this morning - not sure whats going on as my body is doing weird things. I contanstly feel like i dull pain in which seems like my right or left ovaries. Anyone else getting this weird stuff happening?


  • CBAUMECBAUME Posts: 68
    I would check with your doctor if things are feeling strange, but it can take up to I think 6 month for your body to get back to normal after being on the pill, it has taken me 5 months to conceive, just found out this week that im about 5 weeks after missing my last period.So just give you body time and not rush things, Good luck x
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