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Anyone have the Implanon??

Hi all, I've had the Implanon for 2 and a half years now with no AF for the whole time (Lucky I know!) We get married on Saturday.

I'm debating when to have it taken out as we'd like to start trying soon,

I was wondering If anyone could give me any advice...

How long did it take for AF to come back? (If I had it out friday would it come back Saturday? I've heard some people's can do next day.. Dont fancy feeling crap on my wedding day especially after not having one for nearly 3years!)

How long did it take you to get your BFP? I know everyone is different but just a rough guide would be helpful image

Any other advice would be great too!

Thanks in advance!



  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I had implanon a few years ago, my AF's restarted a month after it came out. Had to have it removed because it didn't agree with me, I then went onto the contraceptive injections, it took me 15 months to get a BFP after I stopped these as my AF's were all over the place.

    Doctor told me that after implanon is removed your fertility is back to normal more or less as soon as its taken out, but with injections can take between 12-15 months.

    I now have a 5 week old little girl

    Good luck with the wedding (mines in 9 weeks) and the TTC

    Dawn x
  • LucyMay88LucyMay88 Posts: 373
    Thanks alot for your reply Dawn image Congratulations on your baby girl too and good luck for your wedding! xx

    Anyone else?
  • I have had Implanon,actually had it twice, but had 2nd one taken out, OH said it changed my personality! i got ratty with silly things, next minute id be crying,so opted for Mirena coil! much better for me personally.

    When i had first one inserted, doctor said to me, that fertility comes back almost immediately.

    Have yours taken out when you come back from honeymoon, you can then enjoy yourselves completely and not have to watch what you eat or drink!! Start taking you folic acid now though! xx best wishes for you wedding ximage
  • LucyMay88LucyMay88 Posts: 373
    Having the Implanon taken out today at 3.40...

    Arrrrgh!!! I'm scared! I dont want to get too excited about it or too hopeful but will keep the post updated for anyone else who's getting the implanon out soon xx
  • LucyMay88LucyMay88 Posts: 373
  • MrsSelveyMrsSelvey Posts: 925
    Hi! I have no idea what the abbreviations mean in previous posts but I had mine out in April so that the scar would be gone by my August wedding - THE RED SCAR IS STILL THERE!! Apparently fertility returns pretty much imediately, so if you don't want the scar on your wedding pics, have it taken out after your wedding! We are using other contraception at the mo so can't speak personally about whether fertillity back to normal imediately but this is what I was told when I had it out at the family planning clinic.

    My periods returned to normal straight away. Hope this helps! xx
  • LucyMay88LucyMay88 Posts: 373
    Hi Mrs Sevley! Thanks for your reply- I started the forum before my wedding- Got married on the 5th of June and had my implanon out on Tuesday image I've not had my period back yet and the doctor told me as soon as it was out my fertility would return as before. Feeling a bit groggy today but i've been fine since having it out. I'll probably have a scar as they struggled to get it out and had to cut it a bit more!
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