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Anyone due soon?


I am 38 weeks pregnant, and I have been lurking on here, occasionally posting, since the start of my pregnancy. I am now at the end of my third week of maternity leave, and I'm starting to go a bit stir crazy! So I thought I would see if there was anyone on here in a similar situation, or in fact, anyone who fancies a chat!!


  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    Hi hun, I had my baby in may but know how you feel, I had to leave work at 29 weeks due to work but was off sick for the two weeks before this so 27 weeks really. I had 13 weeks of total boredom!! People told me to make the most of it and it really wound me up at the time but now I know what they meant. Having a baby is madness, nothing is the same image Making the most of him having a kip on the play gym at the min.

    Is this your first? Do you know what your having?


  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    Hi MrsB2B, I had my little one (Nell Grace) at the end of April, and as Mossy's missus says it is total madness. But welcome to the forum and good luck with the birth, hope its easy for you!!!

    Dawn x
  • ana_leighukana_leighuk Posts: 474
    Hi Lorraine and Dawn,

    thanks for replying. this is my first baby, and i don't know whether its a boy or a girl. I can't imagine having 13 weeks of this!! the weird thing is when i was working i really looked forward to my mat leave, but now its here, i'm so fed up of it! its weird, because although i'm resting and chilling out, it feels like i'm always doing something, but if you asked me what i've actually done over the last few weeks, i couldn't tell you.

    Both your babys are adorable - whenever i see babys i get so excited about meeting mine, but i'm pretty sure bubs is pretty comfy in there, and isn't planning to make an appearance for a while!

  • emmac1984emmac1984 Posts: 67

    I'm 39 weeks plus 3 days, I've been on mat leave for 3 and a bit weeks finding it very difficult this week, I'm just sitting around wondering if every twinge is the start of labour!!!

  • ana_leighukana_leighuk Posts: 474
    i know how you feel Emma - any slightly unusual twinges and i'm waiting for contractions to start or my waters to break! i'm also always poking my bump because i've been told by a few people that in the few days before you start labour, your bump gets a lot harder. Bump is feeling a bit different today, but i don't know if its just baby taking up more and more room, or a sign!!

    Are you managing to rest much? i'm not doing much, and rather than the usual housework, i keep thinking of random little jobs that i do instead.
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    Hahaha I was dreading my waters breaking....kept having visions of walking round Asda and them going Gush!!! Fortunately when they went they just trickled out and I was in the house so managed to get to the loo in time and put a big pad on to stop them going on the floor.

    I bet your getting really impatient now to meet your little ones...cos I was by the time I was 39 weeks. Luckily she made an appearance 2 days before my due date.
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    How are you getting on Mrs B2B? Any sign yet?

    I got about 6 days maternity leave before my little girl arrived 10 days early! I didn't get to watch loads of DVD's and sort the house out, as I'd planned!
  • ana_leighukana_leighuk Posts: 474
    Dawn - lol at the thought of being at the supermarket when it happens. i've got a mattress protector on the bed, in case it happens there, which is most likely because i spend so much time sleeping, but its really not a very comfy one - it crackles when you move, and makes me even hotter - so i keep saying it better happen when i'm in bed, to make it worth it!!

    I am getting impatient to meet baby now, but part of me can't get my head round the fact it could be any day now, and i keep making plans for next week and things, and then realise i may well have to cancel them!

    MrsShellbob - as you will have been able to tell, there is no sign of baby yet. i've been getting braxton hicks more frequently, but its kind of more annoying, as i keep thinking it might be labour starting!! although i'm getting annoyed with the waiting, i am glad of the chance to rest - the 6 days must have flown by! on the up side, the house is probably tidier and cleaner than its ever been!!

    thank you all for replying to this post by the way - i appreciate having something to do, to check the thread and reply to you


  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I know how you feel with the mattress protector. I had one of those kids bed pads on my side of the bed for the last week of pregnancy just in case.

    Have you been sitting on the sofa with your hubby and saying "I'm gonna be a mum in so many days" and then bursting into tears cos its so overwhelming...thats what I did during the last 2 weeks. Other half got so annoyed with
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