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What to expect - First MW Appt?

Hi all!

I have my first Mid Wife Appt booked in a couple of weeks, she is coming to the house. She said it will take 1-1.5 hours. Just wandering exactly what I can expect at the first appt? I will be 9w+5d by then.




  • ana_leighukana_leighuk Posts: 474

    the midwife will be taking your health history - anything that might affect the pregnancy - as well as checking for family history of things like diabetes and things like that. She will probably give you loads of leaflets, alot of them advertising, some of them health related. She will also give you a big purple book, and go through some of it with you - my midwife called it my new bible, as you'll look in there for everything. its got information on health issues, diet etc. Your midwife will also explain about the scans that you can have done - the 12 and 20 week ones - and why they are done, and the tests you can have done, and why they would be done.

    Your midwife will also want to take some blood, to check for things like your blood type and check if your vaccinations are up to date, and she will also ask you to do a urine sample, so she can check if you have an infection or anything.

    i know it sounds like a lot, and very confusing, but thats why it takes an hour or so, and you can always ask questions during the appointment, or at your next appointment, or even ring up and ask if you are really worried.

    i hope that helps! x
  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    Thanks for that! It's just nice to have an idea of what to expect. It's quite exciting really, makes it feel more real image Are you currently expecting Mrs B2B?
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