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negative LH surge ovulation tests...why?? CONFUSED!

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question that I hope someone might be able to answer...I've been using the LH ovulation strips, last month I had a positive result on the date expected so was quite pleased that I'd got the hang of it and thought I knew my cycle down to a tee! I'm on day 12 of my cycle and have been doing my LH surge for a few days now and was expecting a positive today(or even yesterday) but I haven't had one, I've all ready done 2 tests today both negative, so I'm a bit confused because I really thought my cycle was clock work, can you sometimes just not have an LH surge? Or is my cycle just running a little late image

My hubby and I have been bding lots recently and I thought we were doing at the right time, it appears not!!

Any advice/experiences really appreciated



  • clare1987isclare1987is Posts: 304
    I've just taken another LH surge ovualation test and this was negative again image

    Maybe I've miscalculated my cycle or its just decided to play me up grrrr....

  • MrsPwithpudMrsPwithpud Posts: 194
    I've never used ov kits or anything so I don't know from that point of view. But, I know that sometimes you don't ov every month - so could that have had an effect?
  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    Maybe you just dont ovulate the same time each cycle. Keep doing the tests and see what happens.

    I heard that doing it at approx 2pm is the best as its in the afternoon the surge tends to happen. I wouldnt bother doing more than 1 test a day. I also heard that Ovulation tests are actually not that accurate and give people negative results even though they have infact ovulated. x
  • I've read that Ov dates can vary so it probable you are ov'ing later this month. Do you have any other signs of ovulation? I used an opk last month and a faint line started to show at the same time I egg-white CM started to appear. When the line was as dark as the control line (positive) I had strong ov cramps. After ov'ing the EWCM and cramps disappeared. Hope you get your positive opk soon x
  • clare1987isclare1987is Posts: 304
    Thanks for the responses, I've done a test this afernoon but still negative yet I'm sure I'm ovulating because of the tummy cramps and what appears to be EWCM, is now a good time to be bd-ing? Is this the ideal time to conceive...I'm so confused image

  • Hi lilys mummy yes now is the best time, get to BD'ing! image That is weird that your tests are neg, maybe just keep testing and see, or you might have missed it. I would go by the EWCM and cramps that you're are ov'ing or will ov shortly. Good luck, hope you catch the egg! x
  • clare1987isclare1987is Posts: 304
    Thanks for the replies, I'm now really confused because (I think) I got a positive LH surge today; I'm going to retest at around 2 'o' clock, but I did it about 10am because I've been up most of the night with a urine infection grrrr, so technically did my fist morning wee at about 3am!

    I was so sure that I ovulated the other day (July 23rd) because I thought I had all the symptoms (could have been the UTI though????) and my cycle is all backwards because my LH surge and ovulation must be late...does that mean my AF is due later?

    aia hate all this bit of ttc it kind of takes the fun out of the bd-ing image

    Hubby and I bd-ed this morning so if I've not yet ovulated hopefully this was timed quite well.

    If this is my LH surge when should I be bd-ing? Is tommorrow morning too late?

    Thanks again,

  • I would Bd for the next two days to be safe. The good thing about temping is that it tells you definitely when your ovulation has happened so you can relax afterwards. You will probably be able to tell when you have ov'd though cos your EWCM will dry up. Glad you got your LH surge. image Your AF should probably be a bit later now because your luteal phase is supposed to be constant. My body however is all messed up from being on the pill and my luteal phase last month was 6 days - so hope it doesn't stay constant for me! image
  • Stop using the kit! I really truly honestly think they're a waste of your money, if you have regular periods and are bding regularly, then you should conceive. Sperm survive for 2-4 days so you should try bding that frequently! Surely it's more fun that way?!
  • clare1987isclare1987is Posts: 304
    I've bd-ed on the day before the positive, the day of the positive and the day after the positive! We're going to bd tommorrow at some point (if we've got the energy :lolimage so fingers crossed this month will be our month!

    Am I definately going to ovulate now that I've had my LH surge?? (I'm not too good at all this ttc-malarky!!!)

    Baby dust to all!

  • clare1987isclare1987is Posts: 304
    Penny27 - We're going to stop using the kit next month, I think that it's adding too much pressure to the whole ttc process, and also affecting the bd-ing! I can see why they're handy but I'm becoming a bit obsessed with the whole thing, so we're gonna go with the flow as of august image

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