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How lovely is this? AND HOW EXCITING!

Im a nurse, I finished my 7th night shift this morning. After being in bed trying to catch up on sleep I got up.My H2B had run my a candlelit bubble bath, with rose petals in! Then he made a beautiful 3 course meal. He told me it was ready and when I came into the kitchen he'd put a red rose on my placemat with a note saying "I Love You", then on the back of the note he put "I think its about time we tried for a baby image" HOW CUTE?!?! I'm so so so excited!!! I am going to make an appointment with the doctor asap and talk things through (been on pill for years so need to stop that!) and I cannot wait to start trying I'm so so happy!! Just thought I would share - so you may see a bit more of me on here now!

Kelly xxx


  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    Welcome to you and your baby Kelly!!!!

    Dawn & Nell (13 weeks old on Monday) x
  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    Awww thats so sweeet!! Good luck!! x
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Thank you! Just rung the doctors got an appointment for tuesday to get advice etc. Do you ladies have any advice or tips for me??

    I'm so excited!! xxxx
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Hiya hun image

    To be honest hun there isnt any advice to give apart from RELAX it will happen when it happens image It can take up to 2 years when coming off the pill, it could happen straight away but believe me it does when it's supposed to lol. U can start taking Folic Acid, but im sure u can only take this for so long when TTC (tryin to conceive) but just check the label image

    Have fun trying hun an like i said just relax, just let ur body do what it has to do dont end up buying ovulation sticks after 2 months of tryin just go with the flow because u end up obsessed an wondering if there is something wrong ect.

    Have fun baby dancing image xxxx

  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    I started taking a boots multi vitamin called "mum to be". It's pretty much the same as "Pregnacare" but a fraction of the cost.

    H2B also started taking a multi vitim which included zinc.

    The above was on advice of the doctor.

    I thankfully got my BPF after first month of trying. Am now 7 weeks pregnant image

    Good luck!! xx
  • nikki_ismenikki_isme Posts: 1,474
    How exciting! Cant wait for that convo to happen to me image

    Many congrats, and good luck! x
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Thank you all so much for the advice!

    Annanicole - that is totally something I would do, I want things to happen straight away ha ha but I know it probably won't!

    Love is in the air - that is fantastic news, congratulations! What multivitamin was it that your h2b took? xxxx
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Kelly i hate to bring bad news but the more u want ti to happen right now this minute the longer it seems to take lol. Trust me i was just like u lol. I came off the pill around 2 years ago to try for a baby an i bled for 6 months and was found to have cysts on my ovaries and was told to go back on the pill an lose weight an it might not happen. Me an my partner then put it all behind us i went back on the pill an lost weight with Weight Watchers i lost over 2 stone near enough 3 stone because we started planning to get wed so i wanted to look my best lol.

    So our date was set (4th Sep 2010) an i was losing the weight feeling fab had everything organised just needed to pay everything off, when over Xmas i had REALLY REALLY bad stomach cramps an i thought i had an infection or something went the Dr's they couldn't find out what was wrong so i was referred to the hospital where they thought i had a blocked bowel i was given suppositories and nothing happened i then left the hospital due to it being Xmas eve an not wanting to stay in on my own (i was with my mum at the time) an i didnt really want to be pooin on a busy ward! lol. So i decided to get laxatives, then didnt work so i had lactulose solution that didnt work i had stool softners that didnt work lol by this time i had, had this problem for 2 weeks hadnt slept near enough for 2 weeks! so comes the 2nd of January an my cousin whose a childrens nurse said try this an gave me an enema for at home an said if this dont work get back to the hospital. So i did it, much to my embarrassment (had to get mum to do it lol) and still nothing happened. So my mum said right thats it where going back to the hospital so off we went, was told to do a urine sample an the Dr said its positive an me an mum were like image what is? And she said ur pregnant..., mine an mums face just went image WHAT???? She said ill check again but its as accurate as they come and then got a yes its deffo positive. So she checked me over again an said i want to send u over to maternity as an emergency as i think ur having an ectopic pregnancy so i was still reeling in shock off finding i was pregnant an then being told i might have lost it.

    I phoned my partner and burst into tears an told him everything then my mum went and picked him up from our house an he joined me at the hospital an i was exmained an was todl i dont think its an ectopic cos u wouldnt be able to stand me examining u. So i had bloods done and then was told i was far along in my pregnancy enough to see something on the scan to see if everything was ok. An it was there was this little teeny tiny round bean which i called nubbin lol bobbin along on the screen, in the right place and everything fine! lol

    An then after that the pain went..... it was like something was tellin me to find out lol

    Anyways so this just shows u that no matter what if ur ment to fall pregnant u will! i came off the pill an nothin i went back on th epill an fell lol!

    Goo dluck hun xx

  • lozzi31lozzi31 Posts: 518
    Wow what a story Anna Nicole. I didn't know any of that! Meant to be baby. Awww. Hope your OK. My bump is getting so solid and taught now!
  • aaahhh that is so lovely, it brought a tear to my eye!

    hope it happens quick for you!!!!

    charl and harry (6 and a half weeks)

  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Lozzi mine is to, an he pushes his bum RIGHT out! lol. xxx
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Hi Kelly - it's wonderful your husband is so romantic!

    It took me over 2 years before I got pregnant but my period was erratic. When I came off the pill I was having a period almost every 2 weeks and really heavy that a couple of times out with friends I bled through my clothes. I finally saw a consultant who diagnosed me with endimotris - which returned 8 months later. It was not until the 2nd op that they finally must have cleared something because 3 months later I fell pregnant but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances at week 14 I lost my first baby. I was totally devastated and unprepared for it. Luckily my body adjusted back, I had when normal period then next month fell pregnant again. I am now 13 weeks and the doctor has told me everything is going to be great this time. It has not been easy because 2 weeks ago I had a scare and started to bleed and all the books I have read said it is not a good sign when that happens. Thankfully they said it was just one of those things and baby is ok.

    I am sharing you with this because it can be tough and no matter what you do and how well prepared you are nature has its own way.

    Like everyone has said you, your body and mind need to relax - your body will tell you when you are ready. All you can do is prepare your body for it. Eat healthy, take vitamins, both my husband I took zinc. Try to have 5 fruit and veg a day, cut down the caffeine, do light exercise, cut out the booze/cigarette and find time to chill out. For some people they can carry on a normal and all falls into place but having a healthy body/relaxed and calm mind all helps you and the baby. The other thing did was monitor my cycle - then you can see when you are most fertile and how regular your period is. I almost kept a log when I started, symptoms I was getting during my cycle - all this helped when I saw my gp.

    Finally you need to believe it will happen - patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait.

    Good luck and enjoy making your baby xxx
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Poppet - I'm sorry to hear you had a rough time before, fingers crossed all will be well with your little one this time image

    AnnaNicole - sorry you had a rough time too. Just goes to show it will happen when it is meant to be

    I am looking forward to it so much, I just hope we aren't waiting too long image xxx
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    I hope u dont either hun but remember our stories and remember it CAN take time image x
  • FairyluFairylu Posts: 79
    That's really sweet.

    I swear by legs in air after BD ;o) xxxx
  • Aww that is so beautiful of your hubby! Congrats kelly on starting to try and what a lovely way for your hubby to tell you!! All the best on your TTC adventure xxx
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Thanks again everyone - we have decided as well to seriously cut the wedding budget and have a ceremony and evening party locally, rather than splashing out at Gretna as we were originally going to! Knowing my luck i'll conceive and be due on our wedding day! Ha ha! I will bear in mind to keep my legs in the air after baby jiggles! Fiance has already started taking his zinc vitamin and i'm seeing the doc on tuesday! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Need lots of babydust!!!!! xxxxx
  • Angela49ukAngela49uk Posts: 855
    Sorry for late reply. My hubby just took a boots multivitamin called "Complete A-Z". This again was one of the ones recommended by doctor. It contained Zinc, which is suppose to be a great help with healthier sperm!! xx
  • FlippingfabFlippingfab Posts: 701
    Wow what a romantic you lucky thing! Good luck TTC x
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Thanks everyone

    I've been feeling off it (nauseous) for about a couple of weeks now, and suddenly thought about it last night, I took some antibiotics a few weeks ago when I was on the pill, hmmm! I've even had to come home from work today feeling so sick and cant face anything to eat. I'm a nurse, i did my blood pressure and it was really low. Can you imagine if I already was pregnant?!?! HA ha ha, very unlikely I know. That would be awesome though. Due on this Thurs/Fri so can start properly counting ovulation days from then image Lookin forward to my docs appointment tomorrow, feel better somehow knowing my GP knows if that makes any sense? You ladies are all so lovely and supportive on here, so glad I've joined image xxx
  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    To be honest hun all i can say is if u want to get married get married an then TTC dont do both cos u could lose deposits an all sorts. I was due to get married 4th Sep but found out i was pregnant i was on the pill so it was a shock. I lost over £400 in deposits! Cos i'm due 29th August so its too near my due date we had to cancel the whole thing cos we weren't sure how money was goin to be once bubs got here. If not wait til ur pregnant then go around that dont do both blind cos its impossible xx
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    AnnaNicole, we're not having a big wedding so there are no deposits to lose hun, so it wouldn't matter. H2B wants to do it this year anyway, so even if I conceived in the next month (highly unlikely) the most I'd be in that situation would be 5 months. So we shall see anyway image

    Just wish I could stop feeling sick! Must have a bad bug or something because it's not like me at all! xxx
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    Well ladies, I had my docs appointment yesterday! She was lovely and gave me loads of advice. I started taking Folic Acid today and my H2B has been taking Zinc since Saturday. She wants me to have some blood tests just to make sure my rubella immunisation is up to date, as if not and I fall pg the live vaccine i'll need would affect foetus. But i'm pretty sure I am ok! Started with light pink spotting today so I believe AF is on her way - that means i've had a 27 day cycle this month. Hope you are all ok image xx
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