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9 Tests can't be wrong, can they??

Hi Ladies,

so far i have done 9 HPT and all have shown BFP!!!

i had the coil out on the 11th june and started bleeding on the 13th, only for a few days and was quite dark, so if my tests are right i will be 5+4.

I did my first one 6 days before AF was due, over the couple of days that followed i did 7 more that included 2 CBD which both said Pregnant 1-2, the day after i did the first one i went to the walk in centre because i stabbed my thumb image and had an ear infection, i fibbed a little bit and asked them to do one, theres came back negative which i was kind of expecting as i don;t think theirs are as sensitive as HPT's!

any way i went to my doctors a couple of weeks ago and gave a sample to be sent off, which came back negative too! the receptionsit did say that i would need to be at least 6 weeks for the hospital to pick it up!

i've just done another tesco one now and the positive line came up straight away! and is alot darker than the others image

i know false positives are very rare but until my doctors confirm it i don't think i can believe it!

Thanks Michelle. xxxx


  • id say congratulations are in order image xx
  • mrshodge2bemrshodge2be Posts: 117
    aww thanks lovely! imageimage

    is it weird that i still poke my boobs to see if their still sore??? imageimageimage which they are! and i also undo the button on my trousers just incase its squashing it!!!! imageimage

  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    U can't get false positives hun image Congrats image
  • mrshodge2bemrshodge2be Posts: 117
    thanks Anna, just got to wait till next week when the hopefully the doctors will confirm it! all this bloody waiting...i can't be doing! imageimageimage xxx
  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    Congratulations!!! image
  • NowDebbieRNowDebbieR Posts: 306
    Hi Mrs Hodge2be - I only did one digital test and then went to the doctors and he said they they don't bother sending off samples there because the hospital tests are not actually as acurate as the shop brought ones!!!! The home ones test for a certain hormone that is only present if you are pregnant so as far as I am aware, you can't have a false positive test. So I'd agree congratulations are in order!
  • mrshodge2bemrshodge2be Posts: 117

    Thanks for all your comments, well i did test 10 this morning!!! image and sure enough that came up straight away too, although i must say it was not as strong (still strong tho) using my fmu as the one i did yesterday afternoon, anyone else had this and do u think i should use send a sample using my second mornings wee as that seems to be stronger than fmu! ??

    Debbie-i wish my doctors didn't need to send a sample off and just believed me! image i had a loop diathermy in 08 so i'm quite anxious to be checked to make sure everythings ok and having to wait for the doctors to confirm it is so frustrating!!! xxxxx
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