Due February 2011

Hi Girls!

I've been looking to see if I can find a thread on this but there doesn't seem to be one. If there is - Sorry! - and can somebody send me the link?

Anyway, I'm Sarah, I'm 25 and I'm 14+1 weeks pregnant and due on 1st February 2011. I got married to my husband on 24th July and we announced the news during the speeches (although nobody was shocked as my dress did nothing to hide the baby bump!)

Hopefully there are some other ladies due in February to share experiences with?


  • EmmaT79EmmaT79 Posts: 5

    Im due on 26th February and getting married in 5 weeks... just hoping my dress fits!! Have a fitting next week so fingers crossed image
  • Emma, I was 12 and a bit weeks when I got married and my dress did fit although it was a bit snug! I took it off for the meal and the afternoon (once all the official stuff and photos were done) and then put it back on for the evening do so those guests not there during the day could see it. I would definitely recommend it! lol x
  • Hi Ladies, Im due on the 25th Feb, got married Nov 2008 so no such dress worries! How are you feeling? For me absolutely awful for the most part, have morning, noon and night nausea but never actually sick. Really wish I could be because Im sure it would be better than just feeling sick all the time! Had a bit of a scare at 8 weeks (all fine) and had an early scan but was told that I wont have a 12 wk as a result so no scan until 20 weeks, which I have to say is absolute rubbish and thinking of going for a private one just to have a looky! How bout you girls?
  • silverminx - I am exactly the same re the nausea! Feel sick first thing on a morning and about tea time but haven't actually been sick yet! I know I shouldn't be complaining but do think I would feel better if I actually was sick.

    I have been getting a few aches and pains in my stomach the last few days but I think that this is normal and just part of the growing process.

    Thats completely rubbish about your scan! We had what we thought was our 12 week but we were actually only 10 and a bit and they had to do another scan for us at 12 weeks so they could get the right measurements and check everything was ok so that definitely doesn't sound right to me! We have got our 20 week scan booked for 19th September and are going to find out the sex. What about everybody else? x
  • Mrs R - I know utter rubbish about the scan. Im going in Monday for what would have been the 12 week scan and bloods but I saw the midwife yesterday and she absolutely confirmed that I wont have another one until 20 weeks and its just bloods on Monday. Sigh.........luckily my other half is a start and he has promised we can pay for one so Ill get one, Im just annoyed I have to pay.........

    Im so glad Im not the only person feeling sick, I agree would be much easier to just be sick and get it over and done with. I weighed myself this morning and Ive actually lost 9 lbs since I found out (so 2 months). Best diet Ive ever been on, pretty sure it will all be going back on though!!

    Anyone going to find out sex??? Pretty sure (for absolutely no reason) that mine is a girl and I will absolutely be finding out for sure, or it will drive me insane!

    Also has anyone flown or planning to fly early on?

    Hope your all well

  • looby_boolooby_boo Posts: 358
    Hello ladies,

    I can join you. We are due February 9th. So incredibly excited and relieved now that we've had the scan and know that there is definitely a bubba in there.

    So how is second trimester treating everyone? I spent the whole day yesterday laid-up with some kick-ass stomach pain. I got really close to calling the midwife at one point but did some good-old Googling instead and have decided to convince myself it's just the muscles and ligaments stretching out.

    Have any of you got a visable bump yet? I had a ton of water retention early on which made me look pregnant but now that's settled down I still feel like normal. My stomach has felt really "solid" the last few days and my hubby is convinced that my tummy is just suddenly going to pop out (both my mum and nan had this happen to them - normal one day, bump the next). In fact he spent most of yesterday convincing me that was what the pains where and that Dollop (our little babies name for the moment) is just on the move.

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to sharing experiences with people around the same stage. I hope you are all having lovely, healthy pregnancies so far.

  • We are finding out the sex definitely. We both originally thought it was a girl but I had a dream the other night that it was boy so we have a little wager on now. Not long to wait to find out!

    Hi there looby-boo. I have been having a few aches and pains lately too. But I am absolutely massive already! Was really worrying I was just fat but my mum said she showed early too so I guess I will just have to deal with it. Everyone keeps joking I must be having twins!

    Anyone else got a pet name for their baby? Ours is Acorn. We have our boys name picked out already but there are about 17 girls names on the list! lol. x
  • Woo! Girls name finally agreed on! x
  • lg2lclg2lc Posts: 3

    I'm also due in february, around 19th. I have my 12 week scan on monday, and we're getting married on the 15th September in Mauritius which we booked a while ago now. I am on dress number 2 as gonna be 16 weeks when we marry.

    We want to find out the sex of our baby this time, we have a 6 yr old son who is keen to know if he's going to have a brother to play footie with or heaven forbid a sister! We will be thrilled all the same.xxx
  • lg2lclg2lc Posts: 3
    We had a scan at 7 weeks as i was having constant pain but it turned out to be an ovarian cyst which was quite big but we were reassured this was normal as the placenta doesn't work till around 12 th week and the cyst should go on its on. We had a scan photo then but we are having a 12 week dating scan which in our area is all part of the service. We probably would have paid privately if this wasn't the case. Are any of you gonna pay for a 4D scan? We've enquired so that'll be another photo in the baby album. Lol.

    Anyway we all have so much to look forward to...................xx
  • The 4D scans are incredible but they are so expensive. I just don't think we can afford it.

    lg2lc - I had to get a second dress too. Ooops! Mauritius will be lovely you lucky thing image

  • lg2lclg2lc Posts: 3
    MrsRowntreeAndBump, i dunno about you but was gutted about dress number one not fitting. I had been going slimming world since January and when i ordered my first dress i had just reached my target weight of 9 stone and was buzzing lol. I am pleased with my new dress which is on an express 4 week turn around so happier now i won't have to worry.

    I hope all your plans are coming together.xx
  • lg2lc - I had been on slimming world too. Hadn't reached target but had lost a stone and a 1/2. Although I was really disappointed at first I ended up loving my new dress and everybody commented on it so alls well that ends well.

    16 week midwife appointment tomorrow, I'm hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat.

  • We heard the heartbeat - it was incredible!!!!

    4 weeks till our next scan and we find out if it is Joseph Daniel or Phoebe Victoria.... can't wait!!! xxx
  • I think I felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday. It felt like a very firm fluttering. It is so hard to tell though!

    Has anybody else felt any movement yet? Hope all is going well.

  • I think I felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday. It felt like a very firm fluttering. It is so hard to tell though!

    Has anybody else felt any movement yet? Hope all is going well.

  • Where have all my February ladies gone?! x
  • Any other February girls found out the sex of the baby? we are having a little girl image

    Hope all is going well for everybody x
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