Hi I have recently found out I am Pregnant, today I am 5+1 and due on the 10th April, anyone else out there due in April would love to hear from you x


  • Hi

    I am 4+3 and due april 15th!!

    Early days though, will feel happier when reach 12 week mark!!

    But still over the moon!!!!
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    Hi both, no idea what I am in wks and days but I saw the doc on Saturday who said I am due on April 14th. So excited but he told me to not get too excited yet as v early days.

    Have to go back in 2 wks so they cam register me as said it's a bit soon yet! Should perhaps have check pre going to see him! Oops!

    How are you both feeling? I feel fine except for being completely shattered all the time! Slightly worried by how much my chest has already grown. A friend asked on Friday if I was pregnant, said I looked dif and she has noticed my boobs had gone huge!!

    Congrats both of u!
  • Hi KD79 & Hannahtonks..exciting isnt it!.

    KD79 you are 4+2 going by your dates, that means you are 4 weeks and 2 days, you work it from the 1st day of your last AF.

    Im not feeling any different yet, my boobs are tender so I have started wearing my sports bra to bed and I feel bloated but this may be from eating! I am exstreamly tired all the time! I had a bit of a scare last week (Or an over reaction!) as I had a little bleed but all is ok and they have booked me in for a 6 week scan next Tues which I am pleased about.
  • All is fab.

    Am 4+3 so very early days.

    Will be happier when i reach 8 weeks, then more happy at 12!!

    Boobs are sore, feel a bit full / mild cramps in pelvic area.

    Booked for private scan at 7 weeks as cant wait till 12 weeks!!

    Was £75 quid....

    Seeing midwife on 2nd september, so will be just under 8 weeks!!

    So excited, just hope it stays put xxxx
  • KD79KD79 Posts: 93
    Oh glad you are ok, that must have been pretty scary!

    I trying to eat really well at the mo as the doctor said it was really important for next 5 wks. Trying to cull the social life more as well to get more rest. Finding it pretty hard to make up convincing stories as to why Im not drinking so think it's easier to stay home more! Went out for a friends birthday dinner last wk and was pretending to sip wine most the night while swapping glasses with husband. Male friend came over and poured me a new glass and said, this is to check you aren't pregnant as you don't seem to be drinking much.

    Anyway just really want to get to Stage where I can get a scan now as then it will feel more real. Hve had twinges in my stomaches most days so now feel worried when I don't get any!!
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    Congratulations to everyone!!

    I am due 1st April 2011. Very very sick today!! I am trying to eat well but I am so exhausted that I want carbs and really plain food. Bread mainly which is the worst!
  • Ive actually told my friends and family already. Not gone and annouced it on Facebook or anything lol but I figure I may as well tell those people who I would want support from if anything goes wrong. Plus I woudl also have the problem that they woudl instantly know as I do like a drink and two of my good friends get married this month no chance of keeping this a secret!

    Cant say I have done to well with the eating healthy, ive stopped drinking and have switched to decaf but I just crave crap, I coudl eat McD's for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner if the hubby would let me. Im currently a size 10/12 at this rate thats not going to last very long lol!

    NowMrsGlo, when did your Morning Sickness start, so far ive got away with it but I am 9 days after you ;o)
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    Hey Flippingfab (loving the name btw!)

    I have felt queasy for just over a week but this morning I cuddled up to hubby and said 'I don't feel good'. He started stroking my face and that made me feel sicker so he hugged me and that was it - dry retching since 6am this morning!!! He was a bit put out! I don't know if I have a bug because I still feel sick! The thought of salad makes me heave, I just want hot buttered toast!!! When I felt like this before I was PG, wine made me feel better!!!

    I cannot wait to tell my Mum and Dad - they get back from holidays tomorrow! I'm going to be bursting but will have to hear about their holiday first. I honestly don't know how I haven't told anyone yet but wanted my parents to be the 1st to know.

    I have a wedding in less than 3 weeks, people are going to guess as 1) I won't be drinking, 2) my skin is a mess 3) I look exhausted ALL the time and 4) my roots are horrendous!! image
  • KD79KD79 Posts: 93
    Nowmrsglow that doesn't sound nice! Hope u are feeling better tonight. Poor hubby trying to help, guess

    it's so weird for other halves at this stage when they can't really see much but know something is happening to us.

    We are going to tell our parents after the doc appointment in a couple of wks, we just got married and both sets are still on a bit of a high so thought we would wait a few wks. Plus my parents tend to stress massively about stuff so would like to see doc first to try and give them as much reassurance as pos.

    One of my best mates is due in sep and is having a shocking time, really want to tell her and think it will cheer her up a bit so once the parents know will tell her. Think for now my other half is enjoying all the extra drink from drinking mine! Haha! I was so dumb last wk, we arrived at a pub with mates and he said what do u want, I panicked so said surprise me, when I sat by him later he said, don't say that again, do u know how many questions I got when I bought u a lemonade! Haha!

    I have scoffed so many brazil nuts and apricots, convinced myself they are better for me than choc but not sure either is great daily, think I have taken that advice of grazing too far! Don't seem to feel hungry but when I eat I seem to devour it!
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    i'm not pg or anything, been there done that lol but if you don't want anyone to know when you go out, have coke and say there is malibu/vodka etc in it. GL ladies XX
  • NowMrsGloNowMrsGlo Posts: 308
    Oooo Miss RS - I am liking that idea! Thanks...although, I am known for drinking lovely wine (I also drink [email protected] wine!) so if I say I am drinking vodka, that in itself will raise some eyebrows!

    Thanks KD79 - I am feeling a little better! Hubby felt so useless, he is so good though - he really is spoiling me!

    Its all so exciting! I really am trying to contain myself but it is very hard!!

  • Hiya girls!

    I am due on April 10th! We are over the moon, but like a few of you have said it is early days and I am trying not to get too excited. It's so hard though! I haven't been feeling sick (yet) but keep getting head rushes when I stand up too quickly!

    Congratulations everyone and I hope we all have a very healthy and happy 9 months ahead image

  • Hey Mrsmascara we are due on the same day! . I think I got a bit of morning sickness last night..it was either that or the bag of Haribo I munched through! I dont feel like I will be sick just queazy. Roll on Tuesday when I get a scan tho, might fell more real then!
  • Ha, Flippingfab - I feel bloated tonight but that could be the pizza I had for dinner image

    It's great that we are due on the same day! Good luck for the scan on Tuesday.

  • I felt really bloated last week, coudl hardly fit into my work trousers! Im just feeling really tired and sicky all day now tho not actually been sick yet so I guess thats a bonus!
  • KD79KD79 Posts: 93
    congratualtions mrs mascara!!

    i got my first real bout of sickness yesterday, just the feeling rather than actually being sick though. am getting more worried about the tube though and feeling sick. trying hard to remember a bottle of water each day just in case!!

    looking forward to the weekend for a lie in! feel like i could happily sleep all day!
  • Ive just realised I have put the title of this as Due April 2010 not 2011!!
  • NowMrsGloNowMrsGlo Posts: 308
    We knew what you meant FlippingFab!

    How is the sickness??
  • NowMrsGloNowMrsGlo Posts: 308
    I have just thrown strawberries up - scared the bejesus out of me - looks like blood!!! I had forgotten that I had eaten them!!

    Sorry, that was maybe TMI but I felt the need to share!
  • Ive not actually been sick yet, hopefully I will miss that (Specially as I had stawberrys last night!!) I just fell generally sicky all day at the mo, it comes and goes. I have the scan tomorrow morning fingers crossed everything is as it should be in there!
  • NowMrsGloNowMrsGlo Posts: 308
    Oh how exciting! Good luck and let us know how you get on! I still haven't had an appointment yet and the doc referred me 2 weeks ago image

  • KD79KD79 Posts: 93
    def let us know how the scan goes! that must make it feel so much more real!!

    i was exhausted this weekend, yesterday could barely move all afternoon. trying to eat more iron just in case thats whats wrong with me. stomach cramps have eased off now, but my stomach looks like i am about 6 months pregnant already!! hoping it might deflate a bit soon! struggling to find things to wear to work!!

    hope you are all feeling good! x
  • Excited and Scared I will be 6+2 tomorrow so all being well I could hear a heartbeat but obviously I am worried they are going to tell me something is wrong which will end all the plans I have been making in my head for the last month, at least I will know either way tho rather than finding a problem at 12 weeks.
  • KD79 - Ditto, i am only 5+3 but have a huge bump from bloating an water retention!! how attractive!!

    also very very tired!!

    isnt amazing something the size of an apple pip has such a hughe effect on our bodies!!
  • I had my scan this morning, pleased to say everything is fine, I could see her on the monitor with a mini little heart beating away! They measured her at 4.6mm but said I am 5+6 today and not the 6+2 the doctor said I was going on last cycle. Due date is now the 13th April ;o)
  • Congrats flipping fab - it must be so lovely to see the heart beating!

    Is there any way of uploading the scan pic on here? I am having a scan Fri when I should be 8weeks. I flip between this thread and the due March 2011 one as all the online calculators say I am due 31st March, but Doctor told me 1st April

    Congrats again x
  • KD79KD79 Posts: 93
    totally agree hannahtonks, makes me wonder what it will be like when it's a little bigger! Lol!

    Do any of you feel like you are about to get your period? All the way through I (all 5 wkd that's is) I have had stomach pain like my period is coming on and my lower back is soooo hot! Just wondered if I was weird or if it's normal!
  • KD79KD79 Posts: 93
    Flippingfab, just saw your post, not sure how I missed it before! Must hve been amazing to see it for the first time and to hear the heart beat! Congrats!!

    Good luck for yours too airthbrideagain! Must make it seem so much more real!
  • They didnt give me a picture ;o( It was just a tiny smudge on the screen and she pointed out the Yoke sack as no placenta yet. Bit disapointed I didnt get one now and I could not hear the heart beat could only see it not sure if thats cause she did not put the sound on or because its to early but it was defo beating away where she pointed it out.

    Aithrbrideagain, the 8 week will be much more exciting, i'll have to wait for the 12 week now.
  • NowMrsGloNowMrsGlo Posts: 308
    Thats so exciting Flipping Fab!

    I'm not getting a scan until I'mm 11weeks image I really just want to know that everything is okay. Last night I had convinced myself that it had stopped growing because I had a brief relief from sickness!! I have been lying awake since 2am! My hubby thinks I am mad!

    So, update on how I am feeling... [email protected] generally!! I wear a baggy fleece all the time because I feel like a heifer and my clothes don't fit, I will feel sick for half a day and for the other half fine but will go through periods of being sick with no warning, today I have a pain in my right side - like the pain you get when you are ovulating but stronger - so now I have self diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy!

    And yet, I am the happiest ever because I have a baby! Hopefully!

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