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Hi, I am going on honeymoon and cant start trying for a baby because of anti-malaria tablets we are taking, our doctor told us to wait 4 - 6 weeks after taking the last one so depending when my natural cycle starts the earliest we can start trying is October.

I am still on the pill and decided to stop taking it when I return. However this is my dilemma..... if I don't start taking it on Friday may I get withdrawal bleeding all my honeymoon or may it not happen straight away?

Also if I don't start it again on Friday do I have to take all the pill packet or can I stop when I get home to give my body a bit more time to get back to normal?

Any advice would be so great xx


  • I'm honestly not sure but why not try calling NHS 24 and asking them for advice? They are usually very good for things like this x
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    thanks for replying, I am just really impatient I think ; ) xx
  • just take 1/2 of your next pill packet??

    you can stop it at any point in pack
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    I wasn't sure if I could do that or whether you should finish the packet but so ready to come off as its not suiting me at anymore. Many thanks for replying x
  • Hi, I've just come off my pill in the middle of the pack and it doesn't seem to have caused any adverse effects. I was naughty on my pill and didn't always take my monthly break though. I'm on my 3rd day pill free and haven't started my WB yet.

    We are going to start TTC straight away but had planned a holiday to the Dominican for our honeymoon in Feb which we have now changed to Dubai purely because I don't want to take anti-malaria tablets at all.

    Hope you get sorted hun x
  • Hi,

    When I finished taking the pill I had my normal withdrawal bleed and then settled straight back in to a 28 day cycle. So if you don't start a new pack on Friday you might not start your normal period for another 4 weeks. But everybody is different, some people don't have a normal period for a few weeks. It's up to u if u want to risk it, I had my period on honeymoon and it wasn't that bad!

    Good luck with ttc x
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