I think I'm pregnant

I think I might be pregnant. I came off the pill a week before getting married and the got married 2.5 weeks ago. Over the last couple of weeks I've had so many pregnancy symptoms, I spoke to my doctor and he was really really unhelpful and he said it is too early to test. I know you can buy tests but they are quite expensive and having just got married spare cash is quite short right now, so we are trying to be careful on what we spend, so I wouldn't want to buy one and waste it by doing it too early! I don't know what to do, I'm finding it so hard not knowing! Help x


  • Hi

    have you had a look on ebay there are some cheaper tests on there !

  • tesco's own brand tests are only £1.85 ish, thats not that bad but you wont get an answer until your period is due!

  • As above, I got 5 test off ebay for less than £2 and they told my I was pregnant...at which point I went out and spent £30 on all the digital ones just to make sure! ;o)
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