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Sex 3 times a week????

Hi, I have just been to the doctors as we are getting married next year and want to try for a baby immediately after the wedding. He asked how often we have sex and I said when I am working (as a teacher) about once a week as I am so knackered all the time! He practically laughed at me and said we need to be having sex at least 3 times a week as doing it once a week gives us barely any chance at all!

Firstly, it only takes once, and secondly he has made me feel really abnormal that we only have sex once a week. Is this weird? I do worry it's not enough anyway but I'm always so tired and don't want to do it for the sake of it!

Thanks for reading xxx


  • mrsjoneseymrsjonesey Posts: 295
    Sex once a week - your lucky fiance! I am a teacher too and am far too tired for once a week!

    As far as 3 times a week, that seems about right for TTC. We were told every other day by our doctor. You're right, it does only take once to concieve, but the window of opportunity each month is soooooo small, it is timing that is more important. At least if you're bding every other day, you'll make sure you don't miss your optimum time.

    I used a clear blue fertility monitor when ttc and found it great in that I didn't have to worry about missing my peak fertility each month and also gives you a break from bding when you know you are not ovulating. Downside being that it puts pressure on you both knowing that you get 1 chance a month to get it right, I got quite hung up on dates etc.

    Good luck with wedding and ttc. xx
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