I'm pregnant!

Hi Girls got my BFP this morning image

It was our first month of trying so feeling very lucky.

Our wedding blessing is in 9 days- we got married 2 weeks ago in Vegas so we have a honeymoon baby image

Anyone else due beginning of May?Good Luck to everyone ttc!x


  • JmulyJmuly Posts: 135
    Congratulations mummy22,

    I got a bfp on Sunday and I'm so excited! How far on do you think you are?

    Im wondering what to expect within the next few weeks?x
  • Congratulations! x I got my BFP 1st month of trying as well still not sunk in completly and I am 7+2 now!
  • Congrats to you all !!!!
  • congrats huni. Great news x
  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662
    Big congratulations to you all.xx image
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    I must be just 4 weeks as AF was due tomorrow!This is my 3rd pregnancy so I like to think I am clued up to everything but I always forget!I think I am due May 5th but both babies before were early so maybe end of April?Would rather May as DD is also end of April so might get a little busy!x

    Im 6+5 today .. so excited!!

    We conceived the month before officially trying - only had sex twice that month and did withdrawel technique twice!!

    Clearly not a good contraceptive technique!!!

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