I'll try and make this short but could really do with some advice!!

I got married 10 months ago and we have decided to try for a baby (i am already massively excited and slightly obsessed!)

I never track my cycle just wait for af to arrive, this month cramps and light af arrived on 19th was very short and didn't really amount to anything. so by sunday we were bding (although i know we wot get pregnant this close to afjust thought we would get in the swing of things!!!!) anyway that was 3 days ago had worked out fertile days would be anytime between 28th and 4th (i think my cycle is usually between 26-28 days) however today i've had cramps again but much stronger like usual and my period has come but heavier??? i'm so confused!!!!

question is was the first day of my period 19th or is it today?? how the hell do i know when i'm ovulating if i cant get my dates right!!!!




  • hello, its so confusing isn't it. try using ovualtion sticks hun then you will know for sure im on 2nd month of trying using sticks as my cycle seems to be all over the place. to start with i was regular then the last 2 i have been 35 or more days. last month i ovulated on day 19 not sure if this is normal or not. we have been trying 4 5months now so hoping we will get lucky soon if we manage to pin point when is best time. this is our 2nd month or using the ovulation tests and im testing all this week think i should ovulate at the weekend if its like last month.

    hope this helps. lots of luck xx
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    thanks a lot i hope this month is your month!

    not sure about ov sticks my husband already thinks i'm crazy!!! might just try lots and lots of bding and see what happens (although i know if it doesn't happen this month i'll be rethinking that decision!!)

    its funny how once you make the decision you want it to happen you go from not bothered to completely obsessed (or maybe thats just me!)

    thanks for the reply anyway lots of luck to you

  • just have sex every other day then youre covered xxxx
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    Have you thought that maybe that light af was an implantation bleed? That could also explain the cramps you're getting now...

    I don't want to get your hopes up but it could be a possibilty?!

    Good luck


    Sorry just realised you said your having a heavy bleed now... Sorry. My mistake.

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    I would keep a track of your cycle - you can get a calendar and record what is happening. Sometimes you get discharge and log the texture. They say if it is sticky it is a sign of ovulation. However, as hard as it seems try no to get to obsessed by it. The other thing I did was I kept a log of my body temperature everyday (same time every morning) and as the months progressed you soon begin to realise when you are most fertile. My cycle was all over the shop and in some months did know it was proper period or not.

    Your body needs to relax and it will tell you when it is ready and happen when you least expect it. When I got pregnant I thought I missed my time when I was most fertile and we were not exactly doing it every day and next thing I know I got pregnant! Just get your body ready -eat healty, take pregnacare, cut down alchol and caffeine, stop smoking, drink lots of water - all this well help.
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