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Pregnancy And Petite Women

Hi Ladies

I am getting married on the 29th November this year and would like to start trying to conceive early next year as I will be 32 by then so would like to get cracking.

I have always been unsure about having children as I am exetremely petite, tiny infact. I have huge concerns about how my body would cope, not only with the birth but with the actual pregnancy itself.

I am 5'2 and weigh around 8 stone, I most definately do not have child bearing hips and my little legs are like matchsticks. Are there any other ladies on here who are of a similar build that can offer me advice or put my mind at rest.

I am in turmoil about this as half of me would love to have a child but the other half of me just doesn't think I can put myself through the whole thing. My husband2b bless him would love to have children and would be a fantastic dad however he understands that it is me who has to go through it all so has always said he will be happy with whatever I decide.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from some of you soon. x


  • Hi,

    I was 28 when I had my daughter. I am 5'1 and at the time I weighed about 8 or 8 and a half stone (I would love to be that weight again!). I didn't have legs like matchsticks though as they have always been my problem area. I wouldn't worry too much about what your body is like as it can rapidly alter during pregnancy.

    I had a very small petite bump to match my frame so they kept sending me for growth scans towards the end but everything was fine. I did even put a bit of fat on everywhere else (including the legs where I didn't really need any more!) but didn't notice until I was trying to get into non-maternity clothes.

    Everyone is different and even every pregnancy is different so there is no way of knowing exactly how it will go but good luck with whatever you decide.
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    I honestly wouln't worry about how petite you are. There are petite woman all over the world who have had children and coped. I would say, the body is an amzing thing...go for it and enjoy the experience. good luck!
  • Try not to worry about it, I don't have the problem of being petite but my cousin did.

    She is probably a similar height to you and at a guess was around 8-9 stone. When she got pregnant she picked up the 2 for 1 offer and had twins! Her bump was HUGE, but she coped very well, was a glowing mum 2 be and didn't find it too difficult until the last couple of months. She was told all along that they would not let her go past 8 months because of her size and it being twins, but at about 2 weeks before she was due for her caesarean (no natural birth allowed) she was finding it difficult to get around a bit.

    Her legs became swollen and she & the babies were deemed to be a bit risky so she spent the last couple of weeks in hospital. But both the babies were fien and she's back home & coping well!

    I hope you feel comfortable enough to go for it. Although we're all different shapes & sizes we are all built with the capability. Your body will manage it somehow! xx
  • Mrs_S21Mrs_S21 Posts: 402

    I'm 4'11

    i was abotu 7 and half stone and age 16 when i fell pregnant with my first...i think i got quite big...but then that mite of been coz of me being so little! lol i had a heathly 8lb9oz baby boy and a 7hours labour...although i was induced so the real pain started from when they put a drip in only about 5 hrs from the drip to baby being born was pain

    I think the body is an amazing thing and i think you will be absolutly fine.....

    th eonly problem u may have is finding petite maternity clothes

    good luck xx
  • 1302kld1302kld Posts: 73
    Hi ladies

    Thank you so much for all your stories and advice. I guess the unknown is always scary but I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

    Like most of you have said, the human body is an amazing thing and has a way of adapting to most situations so I am sure I will be fine.

  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Am smaller than you 4 ft 11 and weigh just under 8 stones. I agree with what everyone has said, your body adjusts and copes with more than you think. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and quite big considering that many keep asking me if I am having twins image I am not.

    The important thing is to listen to your body and when you do get pregnant you just need to take extra care, rest before your body gets tired and slow down.

    Hope it all works out for you.
  • Mrs_S21Mrs_S21 Posts: 402
    I was like you poppet with my quite big that i was asked if it was twins....although it didn't actually "pop" out till i was about 7 and a half months...before that i had quite a cute bump!

    I'm scared what will happen this time round..just found out we're having aour 2nd

  • Hey ya

    yeah i can only agree with the other ladies here, i unfortunately arent petite, but one of my old friends from my school days has dwarfism and shes only 4 ft 6 and she has gone on to have two healthy children, but were both born with no dwarfism which she was worried about and they are now 6 and 4. She got extremely uncomfortable towards the end of her pregnancies and was in hospital for the last 2 weeks, but shes happy with her two.

    good luck with it all and hope it goes well

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