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How long did it take you....??

Hi girls,

Just wanted to ask around a bit and find a sort of average for how long it took you to get a period after you came off the pill?

We are TTC but I only came off the pill on return from our honeymoon about 6 weeks ago and I had a withdrawal bleed straight away but nothing since. I took a test last night just in case but it was negative.

How long did it take you all to get your period? Thanks! xxxx


  • jellybeans120jellybeans120 Posts: 2,002
    I stopped taking mine last October after being on it constantly for 9 years, I didn't have a proper period until Feb and only just last month have they sorted themselves out to being regular!
  • i had mine bang on 27 days after WB.

    Everyone is different ... can take a few months or some people kick back in immediately .. nothing you can do but wait!!!!
  • mine came back straight away and had 6 months of perfectly on time af's but then they stopped for 3 months and have just been really weird ever since =/

  • Hi

    I took my last pill on 2nd Aug got withdrawal bleed on 6th for more than a week, ovulated on the 23rd and now I am waiting for period or BFP! I was on the pill for 9 years.

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