Obese and desperate for a baby


Well long story short we were trying for a baby then I read the NHS report on Obesity and pregnancy and we made the decision to try and get my BMI down before we try. The problem is that we are both desperate for a baby and I just wondered if anyone was in the same boat cos I am really struggling to not just say do it and see what happens.


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    Hey, I wouldn't worry too much about the whole obese thing, my BMI was 33 when I was 8 weeks pregnant, that is classed as high but I wouldn't consider myself severely 'fat'.

    I am now 32 weeks pregnant and weigh 1kg (approx 2lbs) more than my booking date, (god knows how I haven't piled the weight on) but I have found it easy not putting weight on, I've eaten what I like when I like but not gone overboard with the 'eating for two' I also have a son my BMI at booking was 31 so near enough the same, he was a healthy baby at 5lbs 14oz, If you are really worried I would speak to your doctor, or try speaking to a midwife they will be honest with you regarding the situation, they also offer a service for overweight people when they are pregnant just to monitor your weight etc, hope I have helped a little xxx
  • Its a fact that a BMI 30 carries risks for both mums and babies ... but many hundresd of healthy pregnancies occur all the time.

    I would try to get BMI
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    Hi Thanks ladies, I should have added that I am still not trying till I have my BMI down a bit as my husband is petrified of putting me and our child at risk unnecessarily (personal choice I totally understand that loads of people do it and mum and baby are fine) and it's not like we have to worry about time too much (only 27). Was just wondering if anyone was in the same boat and what they were using as motivation to stick to there gun's.
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    I would think that you have the best motivation in the world : )

    Good luck on getting your weight down, and with ttc!
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    in all honesty i would totally go on the whole bmi thing. i would get an appointment with your doctor and he/she will advise you on what you should do etc. i did this-i thought i was overweight. think my bmi was 27 which is higher than normal. my doctor really helped.x
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