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Daughter wont sleep


before anyone asks i have tried everything and NOTHING is working with her

is there somewhere my gp can refer her to if i take her to the docs?



  • mrsgLmrsgL Posts: 682
    hi, i had this problem with my son and still to this day he is hopeless at sleeping. ive tried everything and when i went to see my doctor and health visitor they just seem to fob you off ie, try giving him/her a bath/hot milk or water/sing or read! stupid when you have tried everything and they say perserve.

    so this is prob no help at all. my sons bedtime routine takes around 40 mins now so it is getting better (although still very hard)

    might be worth taking her to see your health visitor though xx
  • MrsS11MrsS11 Posts: 1
    i had this problem with my lo, I went to healthvisitor a wreck as it was a fight everynight and he woke up 5 times a night, she was really supportive, (i mustve had a nice one), i used controlled crying and after a very hard week and then a few off nights which he stil has, i can put him in his cot now awake and he falls asleep on his own. I know how hard it is, try keepin positive. image
  • NowDebbieRNowDebbieR Posts: 306
    I don't have a baby yet so obviously haven't got a clue about these things but I did hear somewhere that if you put a top that you have worn in the cot with the baby then it sometimes helps them to sleep because it smells like you. Like I said I have no experience with this but it didn't sound like the kind of thing you would automatically think to try so I thought I'd just mention it, good luck! xx
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