20 week scan. Is it possible to know what the sex is without being told?

Hi Ladies

Wondered if I could ask for your thoughts on this.

Hubby and i have decided that we are not going to find out the gender of our baby before it's born. However, hubby reckons that he will know what the baby is when we have the 20 week scan. Is this possible? I know that you will be able to see the limbs more clearly etc on the 20 week scan, but is it really possible to work out the gender without the specialist training that the nurse has?

Just wondered what you all think? Would be also interested to hear from ladies who have had the 20 week scan and whether they were able to work it out for themselves.

Thanks in advance




  • it is possible to see what sex the baby is if you know what to look out for. it was once described to me to look for a hamburger (girl) or a tortoise (boy). when i was pregnant with my first at the 20 week scan i looked out for the sex but the lady doing the scan went that fast that i couldn't make anything out. They know what they are checkin for so don't spend ages on looking for things. your hubby will be too engrossed in the whole baby image that he won't even look for the sex

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