Just found out im pregnant...scared as have PCOS anyone else??

Hi ladies, I found out on Friday I am 6weeks pregnant and absolutley thrilled as we have been trying for 9 months. I have PCOS and aswell as being thrilled I am petrified as I read that it can cause higher risk of miscarriage.

Just wondering if any of you ladies PCOS and have managed to have a healthy pregnancy? x


  • Hiya,

    I have had 2 healthy pregnancy's both going full term x
  • I don't have PCOS but my sister has. she has several miscarriages and was told IVF was her only hope so her and hubby had 2 kids through IVF, 3rd child was a totally surprise and they conceived her without any help and had no problems at all. i think it is different for everyone. just take care of yourself. my sister worked as a care assistant and got signed off sick from day 1 just to prevent anything happening. if you have a job similar maybe think of doing the same.

    all the best and fingers crossed xx
  • xmummy2bxxmummy2bx Posts: 169
    Really Mrsjb2bsoon...thats fab!!! where you worried at all? Where you told that there was a risk? x
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