Pelvic pain - anyone had this??

Hi ladies,

Im not pregnant and have just stopped taking the pill.

Last year I started getting a dull pain in my left side whih felt lmost like it was inside my hip bone near the middle of my body (ovary area). So went to the docs who did lots of tests including an ultrsound which showed nothing. It went away by itself about 5/6 months later but has in the past few weeks come back. Doc has referred me to have a checkup with gyne but doesn't really know what it is. She said might be endometriosis (Spelling awful!) but possibly not as it doesn't change with my cycle.

Anyone had the test for endo? or had anything similar?



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    Hi there,

    i have endometreosis and was only diagnosed after 9 years of talking to different docs about pain etc. To test you need to have a laparoscopy which is key hole surgery. As a result they usually will rule out all other reasons as they don't obviously want to put you through such a n operation for no good reason.

    It may be that you get the pain at ovulation - I get this and i am in pain for about 2 weeks leading up to, during and after ovulation. Or it may be youy have a cyst that they cant see on an ultrasound. They may do a vaginal ultrasound next?

    Hope you sort it out hun,

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    double post
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    triple post!!
  • I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 5 weeks ago after a laparoscopy. Nothing at all to worry about. In fact the worst bit for me was the morphine and the fact that other student nurses who I have to go to lectures with have seen me half naked and off my head!!

    Before the laparoscopy I was swabbed, had a smear and an ultrasound to rule out anything else. Since getting the diagnosis they've started me on cerazette (they wanted me to take a combined pill but I have a migraine problem) and it has actually helped with the endometriosis.

    Hope that's in some way helpful!
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