Coming off the pill...

Evening ladies,

I'm coming off the pill mid November, and I read the packet today which said that there's no harm in TTC straight away, just the doc might find it harder to get your due date until the scan.

But I know a lot of people wait for a few months...

I've only been on it for a year, so was just wondering what your thoughts were?


  • I would just go for it if you're ready to try... statistically you're unlikely to fall that quickly that dating will be an issue - but even if you do, it's only ever an estimate until you have a dating scan.

    It doesn't do you any harm, so I wouldn't worry. I have waited, but I was on lots of different versions of the pill for a few years and they weren't agreeing with me. So when I came off at the end of last year we knew we wouldn't try till summer, but it wasn't because of the pill that we made the choice to wait! x
  • My doctor said it doesn't change your chances at all. From my experience, I fell on the third month off the pill, and can agree that I got my dates wrong because I didn't fall into a steady pattern once off the pill. My GP referred me for an early scan because of my uncertainty and I found out I was three weeks ahead of what I thought.
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    Thanks for the replies! image

    I heard that too about trying straight away being better, but it's hard because there's so much conflicting advice.

    I think we'll just try straight away, and if it happens it happens image

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    I agree with the others, apparently you're more fertile!

    Just write your dates down, you'll have a rough idea then!!!

    Good luck hun!!

  • on the same topic! Do u have to go and see the doctor to come off the pill or can u take yourself off? we arent TTC at the moment but i want to come off and use other contraception as I want to get into my normal cycle xxx
  • I've just (literally yesterday) come off my pill and we are planning on TTC straight away. Could anyone advise if there is any way of telling if you've ovulated? Or should we just go for it and see what happens? image
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    I took myself off the pill and got caught with 3 of my children straight away. I just wrote the dates down. My 4th i got caught on the mini pill!! Had only been on it two months,now she is going to be a mum herself in 9 weeks. image
  • my husband and i just started talking about me coming off the pill soon. we wont be actually trying trying yet but have agreed to just see what happens, ie we just wont use any birth control and if it happens it happens.

    im a little apprehanensiv cause ive been on the pill for 10 years. does anyone know if there are any side effects coming off the pill? i never had any going on it or when i changed pill several years ago so im hoping itll be fine but just wanted to be prepared just in case.
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