due may 2011

Hi everyone,

Just found out I am pregnant yesterday. Is it too soon for anyone else to know they are due in May?


  • Hi,

    I found out that I was pregnant on Friday - an hour before we left for a wedding reception! had to spend the whole evening pretending everything was normal!

    i guess im going to be due in May!

    All feeling very surreal! Spent quite a lot of yesterday in tears but feeling much better today!

    I told my aerobics instructor yesterday and will tell my parents next friday as we are supposed to be going on holiday with them the week before I think I will be due and are suppsed to be booking it the next couple of weeks! Eeek! but apoart from that I wont be telling anyone - although i reckon a lot of my friends will guess as a fair few of them have had babies in the last 12 months!

    heres to a happy and healthy nine months. its very nice to have found someone else in the same situation!

    Hannah x
  • lm121lm121 Posts: 44
    We haven't been to good at not telling people, told my mum nearly straight away. But she is so excited it feels like everyone knows, but its really only family.

    We get married next month so were counting dates, view that really isn't reliable lol.

    Was really surprised that when I went to the doctors to make !n appointment, that they don't even do a test as well. But they made an appointment with a midwife, seems really sureal
  • I am just telling the people that I would be relying on for support if anything were to go wrong! Therefore my best friend may also come into the equation as I am away with her for the weekend!

    I havnt been to the doctors yet. i have an appointment already booked for next Thurs (ironically to talk about my periods!!!) so I am goin to go then. i was getting concerned that I should have gone earlier but you have made me feel a bit better that they dont do much.

    How are you feeling generally? I feel fine! Been doing all my aerobics classes and everything just as normal! Though my only male instructir did seem to struggle with the concept!! main issue is that I am going to the toilet all the time! had to go to a meteing for work this morning and I had to go three time in the space of two hours!

  • Mrs_S21Mrs_S21 Posts: 402
    i'll join

    i'm due with my 2nd on the 5th of may

    told a few famiyl members and 2 people at work. but thats mainly coz of the type of job i do

    we've told our little boy too who's 4 and he's quite excited

    i'm on team pink and hubby and little boy are on team blue!

  • lm121lm121 Posts: 44
    I'm not really having many symptoms either. Feel a bit like I have motion sickness. I'm thirsry all the time, so then running to the toilet!

    Also getting ! Lot of period like pains
  • lozza83lozza83 Posts: 3,777
    Hi girls! I am due May 22nd (4 weeks and 5 days pg). I found out at 10DPO last Wedsnesday. It was our 3rd month of TTC. Absolutely delighted!!! image Congratulations to everyone else! I hope we all have healthy and happy pregnancies xxx
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