Headaches while Pregnant

Any idea what I can take or what I can do to get rid of a Headache. I am 10 week Pregnant and last night it got to the point where I had to go to bed with a Cold flannel over my head and eyes which to be honest didnt help!


  • Hi

    Have you spoken to a pharmacist? They are quite good at advice. What about that stuff that you rub onto your forehead....4head or something I think its called.

    Sorry, not much help! From what I can gather you struggle on with pain when pregnant!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi,

    I know you can take paracetamol, I didn't take anything though I just used that 4head. The pain is worth it! They will ease off eventually though..mine did anyway! Hope u feel better soon x
  • I had a major migraine last weekend and hubby went to boots where the pharmacist advised paracetamol. i only took 1 but it did the trick! (I'm 11wks). hope it helps x x
  • I've been told by a couple of GPs paracetamol is fine. I've just been trying to stick to 1 rather than 2 tablets. Also my midwife is trying to get me to drink more water as you need more when you're pregnant, so maybe headaches are coming from dehydration.
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    My daughter who is now 30+5,has sufferd with headaches throughout the pregnancy, she just takes 1 or 2 paracetamol, and tries to drink more water. Its not nice, but like Bethanie(my daughter) says, it will be worth it in the end.

    Hope you feel better soon hun.xx image
  • go see your doc and get him to prescribe something....its free on prescription with the exemption card. Mine prescribed soluble paracetamol when I had a pulled chest muscle due to retching during morning sickness.

    Dawn x

  • Hi girls,

    I'm a pharmacist. Paracetamol is perfectly safe in pregnancy!!

    I can't stress this enough!

    Suffering for a headache for hours on end is going to your baby more harm than the paracetamol!

    Oh, and taking one paracetamol is pointless, this is a kiddies dose.

    Hope this helps! Please, if you have a headache, don't suffer, take paracetamol, a big drink of water and rest! xx
  • Thanks guys. Ive still got the headache but its not half as bad as it was the other night. I have been drinking loads more water than normal anyway because I just cant face Tea so dont think its that causing it. If it gets bad again I will take some paracetamol thank you x
  • Headaches are very common in the first trimester of pregnancy, it's all the hormones!xx
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