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When did you get a bump?

Hey ladies

This is going to sound very bizarre but when did you pregnant ladies out there get a bump? I'm more curious than anything but I've just come off my pill (naturally came to the end of the supply I had and didn't want to repeat at the docs) and we are just going to let nature run its course so we will fall when its right but we get married in Feb and I am worried about the dress thing a little.

Just as a note I'm not slim, in fact I'm a rather curvy 20/22, will this affect when a bump would make an appearance or would it just make me look even, erm, plumper?? image

Thanks ladies xx


  • Im a size 12 and I am already bursting out my trousers at 10 weeks tho my friend also a 12 and 18 weeks gone is hardly showing at all. I really think everyone is different but do not worry about it if you get lucky I am sure if needed the dress coudl be altered to accomodate x
  • With my 1st i showed from 10 weeks to! With my 2nd i didnt show till i was about 22 weeks! x

  • im interested in this as well. like zoedee043 were going to stop using birth control soon and just see what happens and although im already married (no dress worries hehe) we are going on holiday in jan/feb so want to be prepared in case it happens.
  • I was a size 10 and didn't show until 7 months! it was weird!
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    I'm nearly 21 weeks and if people don't know what I usually look like they don't realise I'm pregnant... My jeans stopped fitting about 4weeks ago and I have never pushed my stomach out so much whilst wandering around the maternity section in New Look! image (I'm usually a size 10) xx
  • Hey ladies thank you for all your replies! Mrs M you really did make me chuckle!

    It's quite bizarre to hear that some of you lovely slim ladies didn't show until quite late, it just goes to show how everyones body is so different. xx
  • Mrs_S21Mrs_S21 Posts: 402
    with my first i first had a bump around 4 months i supose but i didn't actully "POP" out till about 7 and a half months!! i was a size 8 back then

    i'm now preggers with 2nd and currently a size 12 and i havent been able to do my jeans up from about 5 weeks, i'm only 7 weeks now and been living in leggings all week!

  • I'm a size twelve, 14 weeks along, and just have a certain curvature that wasn't there before! Still wearing tight jeans, my work suits etc but after a long day it's a bit uncomfortable - also that could be the nausea! We're not telling people for another 2 weeks (when we see family in person) so hoping it stays this way. I'm just avoiding wearing tight tops as people who know me know I have a pretty flat stomach. I've kept my "fat" clothes from when I was a 14, hoping that will see me through until the last 3 months.
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    My midwife told me that because I've got strong abs (that was here words and definately not mine as I'm allergic to sit ups! image ) that the bub would have to be pretty strong to push it's way through to get a bump.....

    Hopefully that means it'll bounce back quicker... fingers crossed! xx
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