questions (can anyone help?) long- sorry.

Hiya girls mum's to be and mums and brides to be!

i wanted to ask an open question.

I have pcos and myself and h2b really want to have children once we are married, but i am currently on hormones for my pcos (cyproterone acetate) which stops my periods altogether.

I know it's still about 10 months until we get married but i'm wondering would i need to come off of these hormones before we get married if i want to concieve and has anyone heard of anyone with the same condition concieving and how long did it take if you don't mind me asking.

i'm just so worried because of my condition that we won't be able to have children and we both really want to have children he is most probably more broody than me. image

what kind of things can i do to aid conception? has anyone got any tips?


  • Hi

    I have pcos but wasn't taking any medication for it. I came off the pill at the end of March in preparation for trying - to get it out of my system, got married in July and conceived on honeymoon! The doctors told me that I would need help to have children but I didn't! I put it down to me being extremely fit and I lost weight for the wedding - I was still about a stone overweight according to doctors guidelines but I am naturally big and have thigh muscles a rugby player would be proud of, sometimes I don't think weight scales take that into consideration!!!

    Sorry, not much help really as I don't know about the drugs you are on but it just shows you that doctors don't know everything!

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