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morning sickness and travel


this is my first topic in this section (athough ive been loitering and posting on the broody topics lol) image

basically my husband and i have decided that ill come off the pill soon and well not actively try but just let things happen, ie no more birth control. thing is were going to south africa in jan/feb for 3 weeks and i wondered if this could be a problem. were not going to any malaria areas or anything so meds shouldnt be an issue but in the unlikely event that i should fall pregnant, when does morning sickness start normally? and would early pregnancy potentially interfere with our holiday?

i will either come off the pill in 3 weeks or take 2 more cycles to finish the pack ive bought. what would you recommend?



  • my morning sickness kicked in at 6 weeks and lasted until 26 weeks and it wasn't really morning sickness as it lasted from 6am to 11pm....whoever named it morning sickness must have been a man. When it ended I had a couple of weeks off before the indigestion kicked

    But not everyone gets might be a lucky one!!!

    Dawn x
  • ooh mrsleggo that sounds awful image

    i sooooo hope im not too bad on the morning sickness when i do get pregnant, i have a bit of a phobia about vomiting and it scares me almost as much as the thought of giving birth lol. but i know itll be worth it in the end.

    im going to come off the pill in like 2 weeks but we will use condoms until were back from our holiday and will ttc from mid-feb. i really dont fancy morning sickness on holiday and it may well be the last big vacation we take in a while.
  • Our last holiday was a hiking trip and I felt pretty horrible (didn't realise I was 6 weeks gone!) Couldn't enjoy the yummy restaurant food and wine, thought it was fatigue from the extra exercise I was doing! The worst I felt was in the plane and in the minibus to and from the airport, but I get motion sickness sometimes anyway so I assumed it was that! I agree it's not morning sickness it's all day and all night! I was never actually throwing up just generally feeling yuck. Not sure it's a reason not to start trying though, cos you never know how long it's going to take. I wish I'd twigged earlier and taken a test on holiday, it would have been a great holiday memory!
  • yeah, I know what kshearin means, took us 15 months to conceive.

    Dawn x

  • hmm... i would def love to try as soon as im off the pill in 2 weeks but seeing as itll prolly be our last big holiday for a while i want it to be amazing. and since were going on safari and will be doing loads of outdoorsy stuff, i just dont want to chance it. add to that the fact that im afraid of flying, i think it might be a bit much for me. well ttc while were there though. who knows, we might come home with a bean image fingers crossed! although realistically i know it could take several months.
  • Hi,

    I am 7 weeks pregant and whilst I have been lucky not to have had proper morning sickness (yet!) I feel awful most of the time. Some days I can hardly pick my feet up, I dont feel like eating and spend all day waiting to go to bed. (my colleague just caught me trying to have a power nap at my desk!) I am going walking on Sunday with friebds and am already worrying about how I am going to feel afterwards especially as they dont know and because I need to go to the toilet all the time (and its a I have to go sort of needing the toilet - waiting is quite often not an option!!)

    Whilst pregnancy might be very different for you, having been on safari on honeymoon and then touring round India earlier this year my advice would be if its only a few months then wait and make the most of the holiday! Both holidays were amazing but the safari in particular was exhausing and on both you were out for long periods of time without access to toilets etc.

    Maybe coming off the pill and then using condoms in the run up to the holiday so your cycle is back to nornal and you are ready to start trying when you get back might be an option?


  • thanx hroper2b! thats pretty much what were going to do. i might be totally fine with morning sickness and stuff but i dont want to risk feeling crap on holiday when we have so much planned. ive been on safari already so i know what to expect and it doesnt sound like fun if im feeling terrible. well prolly start trying on holiday and use condoms till then.

    i really hope you feel better soon. congrats on the pregnancy!
  • Thanks tt2b!

    I hope you have an amazing holiday! We loved our safari! I would go again in a flash! Even if I probably would spend most of it asleep at the mo!! image

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