Maternity Leave


On the 'Maternity Leave Request Form' my employer has asked whether I will be returning to work following my leave. Can they do that? I thought they had to keep my job (or similar) open for me and shouldn't ask??



  • MrsZogMrsZog Posts: 1,241
    They can ask, but you don't have to tell then you're not and you are completely within your rights to change your mind once you've had the baby.

    To be honest they're probably just trying to figure out if they need to find a permament replacement or just temporary maternity cover.
  • Thanks MrsZog!
  • I work in HR - they can ask you that. you don't need to tell them if you want to come back full time or part time you don't need to tell them till later. I have told my boss I am coming back but current thinking is part time but will depend how much nursery and how I feel once I have the baby - she was pretty relaxed about it.
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