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Went for our 20 week scan today and the lazy little sod refused to move from being curled up in a ball so we couldn't find out the sex! image

At least all was well and healthy though.

Now have to go back on the 27th!!! x


  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662
    Oh bless him/her. He/she is being coy.xx
  • Haha already being awkward!

    Our baby was the same, we didn't want to find out the sex but the sonographer couldn't chech his heart cos his arm was in the way so we had to go back! Tried everything to get him to move! At least you get to see him/her again x
  • I went for my nuchal scan this week and got sent to walk around the hospital for 20 minutes to get him/her to move position! Luckily it did so I didn't have to make another appointment, but shame they can't cooperate : )
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