Help.........I want a baby..

Hubby and I have been together for 2 and a half years and married for over 5 weeks now and I am desperate for a baby, I've always wanted to settle down young and have a family, its something we both want but neither of us have a job and only have a small place but I ache every time I see someone with a baby and a lot of my friends are having kids and im so jealous!!

I don't know what to do... I know the best thing to do is to wait untl were more finacialy stable but I feel so ready for a baby image Help!!


  • youre not alone in that situation hun. ive been broody for about 18 months and weve only recently decided to try for a baby from feb next year. it was very hard for me every month but i knew it was better to wait. for us the reason was wedding coming up then needed a bigger flat and most importantly, my phd. were now married nearly a year and have moved into a lovely new flat and although ill still need about 2 years for my phd we felt its next to try now. ill get 2 years paid maternity leave and we figred that when i got me degree it would be a matter of starting my career so not ideal timing either. and as everything else is in place were just going to go for it.

    id def say wait till you or your husband have a job before having a baby. everything else will fall into place but finances are important. xx
  • unfortunately you need to get a job first. Having a baby is expensive - it's like a wedding, the minute people know you are having a baby everything is 3 times as much. Thankfully both my husband and I are working but even with a job we are finding everything expensive and that is just the start. So as much as you want a baby you need to ensure you are able to support the baby as there is nothing more frustating that you have to limit what you buy your child.

    Good luck and hope it all falls into place.
  • Definitely make sure your stable. I have 2 kids and they are so expensive!!! nappies, milk etc all cost a lot. So you need to be able to support yourselves. My h2b works and i work part time and we sometimes struggle for money.

    Good luck hope things work out for you.
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