Help with TTC

Hiya Folks

Here's my story, hope everyone stays with me!

I came off the pill in dec 09 and have been ttc ever since. My period finally came back on 05/04/10 and have been consistantly 32 days sicne then.... until last month!

Last month it was 35 days! Using my 32 day cycle, i should of been due on 12/09/09. Even using my longest cycle ever (35 days) i should have come on 15/09/10!

Now im stumped, about 10 days ago, i did a HPT and got BFN! I shudder to think how much money i have spent on HPT's in the past 6 months. Im scared of doing another one and getting a BFN!!

Oh yeah, and im getting married on 02/10/10 and wanted this to be a surprise for H2B on the day!

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me?

Thanks image


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