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Any help? Please :)

I came off the pill last November and within 2 months I went back to my pre-pill regular cycle. Always a 31 day cycle and AF always lasting 6 or 7 days of heavy flow (sorry if TMI).

Until this week, AF was due Thursday but Wednesday afternoon I started spotting. Then yesterday it was heavier - like a period but a bit lighter, and then today it has stopped again.

Never in my life have I had a period that has lasted less then 5 days! Also, this time the blood (sorry I know TMI) is not like AF, seems more like pink water.

I wondered (hoped) it might be an implantation bleed, nut am afraid to test as if I am honest I think although it was light in colour etc I think there was too much blood yesterday for it to be possible. It wasn't heavy but it wasn't what I would think was spotting!!

Any suggestions?? I'm baffled!


  • no idea hun but im keeping my fingers crossed that it was an implantation bleed xx
  • Only advise is to take a test, could be nothing, could be an early miscarriage or even better you could be pregnant either way no harm in taking a test to find out...good luck x
  • See your GP as they will tell you either way and put your mind at rest. Sometimes it takes a while for your body to adjust and things will happen you don't realise. I put off seeing the doctor for nearly year and just kept telling myself nature will deal with it but then realised I had endimetorisis which was was not helping me get pregnant. My periods was heavy all the time and bleeding so often.

    Hope it's all ok for you but don't be afraid to test but my advice is go see your gp so they can tell you what you need to do to plan for your pregnancy.
  • Thanks ladies, I tested on Saturday morning... BFN so we'll have to see what happens this month!

    Poppet, I have wondered before if I might have endometriosis as I have always had very heavy very painful periods - used to get sent home from school and work for throwing because of my cramps and BDing can be extremely painful too, but when I went to my GP he didn't pay much attention, had a little look but no tests and then said 'you could have thrush...'

    We're hopefully moving shortly and then I will have to change doctors so maybe then I'll go again! But thank you for the advice image
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