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When is the best time to test?

We are going to be TTC very soon. However, I am the most impatient person in the whole world, so I know as soon as I am ten minutes late for my period im going to want to test. Infact, as soon as we have 'baby danced' I know the test will be all I will be able to think about! However, I also know that most people dont concieve straight away and I really do not want to send myself crazy by testing too early and getting all upset when I see a negative result, only to wonder if the negative result is wrong and then test again - the cost of tests alone is reason enough not to do it! So - when is the best time to test, and which tests are the most accurate?


The Crazy Baby-Obsessed Old Married xxx


  • Your post just made me laugh, as i am exactly same. We have just stopped using protection and all i keep thinking is when can i take a test, i have another week and a half till my period. And I know it's highly unlikey we would have conceived but the same as you, i am so impatient. So sorry that i'm not any help, but quite glad i'm not the only one lol image Good luck TTC
  • We are TTC too image

    Have been since March but nothing yet. My advice to you would be don't test until you're late!! But testing at every chance your not only going to be spending a lot of money but also putting pressure on yourselves. I have a friend who was like that and she knows now the pressure she added! They say you need to chill and let it happen. This is hard I know!!

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