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Honeymoon Baby

Hay Girls,

Im new here so dont know if this has been a topic before?? sorry if so.

I was just wondering if there are any other ladies that concieved on there honeymoon.

I got married 23rd May 09 and 11th March this Year our little girl Sophie Paris was born (yep Paris was the honeymoon place)It was our dream to have a honeymoon baby but seriously didnt think it would happen that quick but its a blessing.

Anyone else have a similar story? xxx


  • Hi and congratulations!

    We conceived on honeymoon in France too!! We started in Paris, then Reims, then Gordes, then Eze Village - can't pinpoint conception ...... ahem....!!! We got married on 3rd July 2010 and I am almost 14weeks PG.

  • image awww Congrats mate.

    Its amazing being a mummy as your find out very soon - enjoy being preggers i miss my bump sometimes.

    When is ur due date? x
  • I can't wait but not telling people scares the hell out of me at the minute, I'm terrified that something will go wrong when everyone knows!

    Due 1st April 2011 - it better not arrive on April Fool's Day though!! I'll have difficulty convincig people that the baby is here!

  • We all have them feelings hun, We told close family when i found out and my husband's dad who is italian told everyone straight away i wasnt impressed but they get so excited but its not the point.U go through your whole pregnancy having little worries its natural im sure everything will be great.

    Will u find out if baby is pink or blue? if there is anything u want to ask i dont mind i'd talk babies all day image take care and rest mummy to be xx
  • Thank you so much image I am just having a weepy day!! You are right though, It is natural to worry all through the pregnancy but I'll drive myself mad so I better chill!!!

    Won't be finding out if baby is pink or blue (that made me smile - I've never heard it put that way before!) and thank you for the offer of chatting - I might be taking you up on that! image

  • I'm having a honeymoon baby, got married 7/2/10 baby due 11/11/10, We went to morrocco, marrakech for honeymoon and they have storks everywhere there. So was not surprise. Start my mat leave next week. So exciting still cannot believe I got pregnant so quickly though.
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