Not a clue about baby stuff so need some advise!

Hi girls, hope your all well,

My partner and I are getting married in April and we have kinds mentioned about trying for a baby from Feb, I need to come off my pill then so do you think it is a bad or good idea? Im thinking morning sickness etc?!x


  • This was my original plan for our May wedding this year but to be honest I am glad I waited now, we got Pregnant the month after wedding (I came off the pill while on honeymooon) I felt like crap from about 4 weeks to 13, not just sick but exhausted as well I would not have enjoyed my wedding as much and certainly not the cocktails for a start! image

    We were lucky to not have had to wait for the BFP but that can happen to anyone you just dont know but good luck.
  • Whats bfp?

    I am worried about sickness and tiredness but want to catch asap after wedding, when is best to come off the pill? March? A month before?x
  • I had the same plan as you, but my pregnant friend gave me the cons of falling pregnant, and now that I'm pregnant, I'm glad I waited!

    A few things to think about...

    1. There is a high chance of miscarriage in the first 3 months

    2. You could suffer from symptons such as extreme tiredness, sickness. Every pregnancy is different. I have been great, except friends have suffered from extreme tiredness where they were asleep by 7pm each night or throwing up at all ours of the day.

    3. I suffered extreme bloating within weeks of falling pregnant. I was being offered seats from 9 weeks! My dress was very fitted, so there was no way I would have fitted in my dress.

    And you can't drink and and let your hair down! 2 months isn't going to make a huge difference in the grand scheme of thing.

    Good luck xx
  • I have also heard that when you come off the pill your skin can get bad as it adjusts to the natural levels of hormones in your body - I must say that put me off as I don't want to have a mass breakout for my wedding day, lol! So in terms of getting your body used to being off the pill then the sooner the better before the wedding...but then there's the cons of being pregnant for the wedding so it might be better to come off the pill asap but then use alternative protection until the wedding and then nothing after? Or just wait until after your wedding and come of the pill straightaway and have lots of fun BDing! It's a really personal choice so maybe just research what you can and chat to your H2B and decide on what's best for you both. Good luck. xx
  • Ok, some have a bad experience when comming off the pill, I HAVE NOT, each time I came off within 2 weeks I was pregnant, skin fine, no headaches or tiredness, no different feeling at all.

    Everyones body reacts differently, untill you come off you dont know how you will be. i must have been lucky. And I have been on and off the pill for 13 years now.
  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    I'd say wait, if you're lucky enough to catch straight away you could find yourself on your wedding day feeling/being sick, feeling exhausted (really really exhausted constantly), bloated (your dress might not fit), suffering with bad skin, and a whole other host of crappiness. The first three months are the worst for most people, the "glowing" part of pregnancy doesn't start until after about 12-14 weeks lol!

    If you want to give your body time to adjust to a natural cycle, why not come off the pill and use a barrier method till your honeymoon. Bear in mind though you'll probably then have no control over if your period is going to land on your big day/honeymoon though (you might not go straight into a 28 cycle when you stop), there is a different short term pill you can take to stop your period coming but that can mess with some people's cycles too.
  • i took my last pill sept 30th, had my withdrawal bleed as normal, so been off it officially for nearly 3 weeks. i had some cramps and bloating at first but so far thats been it on side effects (fingers crossed!). if i use a 28 day cycle im due my period in about 10 days so well see how that goes.

    personally, i would wait till after the wedding to come off the pill. many women do get side effects and they dont sound pleasant. also on the pill you can skip your period if youre due on your wedding day. we are going to try for a baby from january. we waned to start now but in the end i decided i wanted to wait. we have a 3 week trip to south africa planned and i didnt want to deal with morning sickness, worries over miscarriage etc while away. my doctor said it would be fine even if i were pregnant but i figured it would be our last big holiday for a while so i want to make the most of it. i would have felt the same about our honeymoon.

    and dont forget that lots of women are very fertile when they first stop the pill so you may get lucky on your honeymoon. xx
  • Wow thanks everyone, I think we will wait! I will come off the pill on my wedding day! We are only having a mini moon for a few days as both self employed and then our proper honey moon later in the year so hopefully be a good few months pregnant when we go on our real honeymoon!
  • Hi Aprilbridetobe

    I did exactly what you had planned to do and i fell quite quickly which meant i was exactly 11 weeks on our wedding day. Whilst i agree with the above posts about the risk of feeling sick, tiered, bad skin etc, i was very lucky and had none of those on the wedding day. Tieredness kicked in about midnight but i'd been awake since 5am with nerves so i wasn't surprised. The excitement and buzz of the day carried me through easily. I personally loved being pregnant at the wedding. My dress fitted perfectly and it hid the tiny bump i had, and it was a lovely secret for me and hubby to share, but i know some brides wouldn't be so lucky.

    Good luck whatever you decide. xx

  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563

    I think its personal choice as long as you know what you could potentially expect!

    Im 11 weeks (will be 12 next Saturday on my first wedding anniversay) and oh how life has changed since this time last year!

    I have completly lost my get up and go, have extreemly bad indigestion which is leading to constant dry retching and the thing that makes it worse is talking a lot! There is no way I could be contemplating getting married this saturday!

    I think if its just waiting for a couple of months then I would - however you may be lucky and be completly fine!

  • shelldoddsshelldodds Posts: 2,679
    I would say wait, mostly from experience. I fell pregnant on our honeymoon (in June)... we were over the moon but unfortunately I lost the baby at 5 or 6 weeks. It's sooo common, my cousin also lost hers a week later, we didn't know each other was pregnant even. I'm ok now, but it was horrible at the time and feeling the way we did it would have ruined our wedding day! I don't think it's worth the risk, as miscarriage happens so much more often than anyone realises! I never knew til it happened to me!

    A couple of months of waiting won't be too bad, and give you a new "project" after the wedding image xxx
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