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DUE MAY 2011

Hi ladies,

Unless I'm mistaken there isn't a thread for our month yet.

(I keep looking in 'Due in May' by accident but think thats last years group....)

I have been on the other baby related websites but always seem to float back to Y&YW. I feel 'safer' here somehow !! image

So who else is due May 2011? I'm due 2nd. How are you all getting on?



  • Congrats Luckyval xx

    Really glad all is going well.

    Im due in April but wanted to send you my regards xx
  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    Hi LuckyVal,

    There was a May thred about a month ago but to be honest im not sure there are that many of us so it sort of dropped away!

    Im due 15th! cant wait for the 'blooming and healthy' stage of my pregnancy to start rather than the nauseous, tired mess stage! image

    How are you doing with the planning for everything?

  • LuckyValLuckyVal Posts: 221
    Ahh thanks Hannahtonks, I remember you from one of the other threads. Hope all is going well for you too xx

    Hi HRoper2b oh I mustve missed that thread. I've been quite lucky and havent had too much nausea, I'm 13 weeks + 2 now and have actually felt sicker the last 2 days compared to before !! (Im hoping Im not going to get the worst symptoms in the 2nd tri instead!!)

    I haven't planned anything yet. I spent so long not daring to that I haven't got into the swing of it. I think we'll do the majority of it after Christmas and take advantage of January sales ! Have you done much yet ?

  • Sorry to crash the thread...Im due 10 May so excited but so nervous at the same time ..congrats to everyone xxx
  • Hi ladies, I am due on 28th May 2010, although this may change as I have my scan on 16th November - very excited! I am ready to feel 'blooming' if that ever happens! Congrats everyone x
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    Hi Ladies, congrats on all your pregnancies......I was a due in May 2010 lady. My little one arrived 26th April 2010 after a 13 hour labour. Nell is now 6.5 months old and its really hard to believe that this time last year I still had 5 months left of my pregnancy.

    Wishing you all the best

    Dawn x
  • Hi all, Congratulations!

    I'm due on 5th May (was 12th but scan changed that - yippee!). Still feeling a little nausea and i am beyond tired, if I manage to stay awake after 8pm I'm lucky image

    We haven't sorted anything out yet, like LuckVal we're waiting until after Christmas, well we're leaving everything until after Christmas as we get married in November next year too. I'm way too tired to organise suppliers image

    How are you all getting on????
  • LuckyValLuckyVal Posts: 221

    I have been so tired today! I've not been sleeping well, especially since I developed a bit of sciatica a couple of days ago. As a result feel very emotional tonight!

    Can't complain at all though. I had my 16 week check up yesterday and all is looking good. I can't believe how quickly time is passing! Really looking forward to the next scan! Can't wait to see the changes in the little one.

    Has anyone got or started using a maternity pillow? I got one a while back but didn't use it straightaway. I have tried to use it the last couple of nights to help with the sciatica but it's quite hard to get used to! I got a Dream Genii and its so comfy when I first get in bed but I get all tangled up in it during the night!

    I'm sure I'll get used to it!

  • Hi, Congratul;ations all. I'm due 30th May 2011, Im so excited, especially since I had scan on Thursday and found out I'm having twins. BIG SHOCK!! I'm also looking forward to blooming stage, Im 13 weeks tomorrow and am sick all day everyday. xxx
  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    LuckyVal, I feel for you! Im having real problems sleeping, but for no reason - I dont even have the pain so to have both problems I can understand why you feel emotional!

    Comgratulations to all May 2011 mums to be! I look forward to hearing how everyone is getting on!

    Hannah x
  • LuckyVal, I've been thinking about getting a maternity pillow, I just can't get comfy at night (although can drop off in seconds on the sofa! image ) but as I already seem to take up most of the bed I don't think h2b would be impressed!!!!

    Sally-anne, twins? How exciting! Hopefully it wont be too long before the sickness disappears for you. Do you have twins in the family?

    EmmaPieuk - how did your scan go?

  • NutterRae - my scan was absolutely amazing thanks for asking! I got my knickers in a right knot because I was sure something was wrong but turns out everything was perfect! Baby was very wriggly and was jumping all over the place! I couldn't quite get my head around the fact that the baby on the screen was in my tummy!! Ha ha silly I know! Just looking forward to my next scan on 17th Jan! Hope everyone is starting to feel better x
  • Glad your scan was good EmmaPieuk, I think everyone gets themselves worked up beforehand, I know I did!! She tried to point out the heartbeat but H2b couldn't see it, she literally had to get out of her seat and point at the screen! image

    We also had a trainee in the room so once the scan had been done, the trainee had a go too but she had to look at everything in slow motion. It was brilliant, she had to state what everything was to her mentor so we had a double tour! image At one point the baby had the back of it's right hand across it's forehead in a very drama queen like way.

    LuckyVal - how are you getting on with the maternity pillow? I might get one today but also need to go to the boob shop for a more comfortable bra!
  • LuckyValLuckyVal Posts: 221
    Hi girls,

    Ah it's all so exciting isn't it?!!

    Emma, I felt the same as you with my scan- I found it hard to make sense of the fact that the baby shaped image on the screen is actually MY baby in MY tummy!! My 20 wk scan is 15th Dec so cannot wait for that... I think Im also feeling the baby now which is amazing... I can't be 100% sure as I kept trying to tell myself it was gas or hunger but there's definitely an odd bubbly feeling from time to time!

    It doesn't feel like butterflies in quite the way I imagined so who knows?!

    Nutter Rae, the pillow is good actually. It took a while to get used to and like I said it kept getting in the way at first but I really like it now. Especially when I first get in bed at night! I always loved cuddling up into hubby's back, but I started to find my belly bulge was getting in the way, so this is lovely to snuggle into.. Poor hubby!! I went for dream genii as it kept winning awards and getting mentionned everywhere but it's quite expensive so I would def get it early on to get your money's worth. If not then there are loads of alternatives! I went to John Lewis and Mothercare and kept feeling them all to see which ones I liked!!

    I'm off out for lunch with friends today.. I can't wait. All I seem to think about is food! I'm so hungry all the time it's crazy! I've always loved my food but I've always managed to stay really slim, I think by the time I'm full term I'll be the size of a house!!


    Hope you're all having a lovely day


  • Hi all,

    Didn't manage to get a pillow yesterday, we seemed to do alot of running around (well h2b was running, I was a good 5 steps behind, holding onto the shelves in stores, trying to catch my breath image ) Did manage to get to the boob shop though, not overly happy with what they have in my size (was quite big before and now I'm ginormous). Stood looking in the mirror and all I could see was Ann Widdecome boobs image

    LuckyVal - my next scan is the 15th too! I can't wait either. I tend to countdown to little milestones rather than to the end (seems to go quicker) so now I'm counting down to the scan!

    I've also had possible baby movements. I do have IBS which means I get alot of gas bubbles going off in my belly so it is quite difficult to distinguish between the two. This is my 3rd baby, my last one arrived 12 years ago, but I just can't remember what it felt like with the others. Just remember the feet poking out of the belly that comes a little later on!

    I was out with the girls last night for my friends 40th. Now just lately I haven't been able to stay awake after 9pm ish, I was still dancing at 1.30am!!! Everyone else was tired and I was still going image

    And at the mention of food LuckyVal - I'm not feeling hungry at all, the sickness hasn't long disappeared but I can eat for England so I'm off to have breakfast number 2!!!!!!
  • LuckyValLuckyVal Posts: 221
    Ahh so nutterrae we will be scan buddies! image

    I have always had small boobs so just bought a few non wired ones which seem to be okay for now. I dont want to have to keep spending money on stuff I won't wear for long so managed to pick up some on sale is m&s..

    I have been shattered the last few days. I cant seem to sleep properly but can't work out why, I ache all over aswell so thinking I might have a virus or cold coming. I feel like I've been running miles!! My legs are killing me- it's so weird!

    What's everyone organised so far? We 've got our pram ordered now, we got a good deal so thought it best to get it while we could. We're hoping to get nursery furniture in the new year as I'm sure they'll be some good sales on. We wrote a list of everything we need - it's so long!! And I keep remembering things to add to it! Hopefully Santa will be kind this year! image

  • We haven't organised much so far. I let h2b decide on the pram, it's given him something to research and really think about!!! He has picked one but we will wait until after Christmas, maybe it will be in the sale somewhere!

    We have decided that we will keep everything at mil2b's house, h2b still has a room there (although he lives with me!) so she has plenty of space. Think she likes that idea as it means she can go in to look at all the baby stuff whenever she wants image

    Lots of family have offered us the use of things, like a moses basket and a swinging crib, which we are grateful for and as those types of things aren't used for long it's good to pass them around!

    I'm trying not to go mad and start buying clothes, 'cause once I start there will be no stopping me. H2b doesn't believe that friends and family will buy you loads as gifts and thinks we should get everything now! Can't normally get him to the shops and now it's difficult to hold him back image

    I've had lots of friends tell me they have started knitting, slightly worried that we'll end up with 75 newborn cardigans image

    Slept ok last few nights but suddenly really missing pate on toast ..........
  • LuckyValLuckyVal Posts: 221
    Oh my god! Me too! I can't stop thinking about pate!!! They had chicken liver pate mousse on Come Dine With Me yesterday and I've been desperate for it ever since!!! I think especially with Christmas coming, it's always been a Christmas buffet staple!! And I know my MIL will get some for the rest of the family which will be torture!

    I might try make a safe version.. I'm sure I could rustle up something using cream cheese and mushrooms- It won't be the same though.

  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    Hi All,

    Im missing Pate to!! usually eat loads of it at cheistmas time. Im also really quite fussy and our xmas meal at work has been decided on where I could find a starter that I could eat - usually I would just have pate and its fine, but its amazing how many starters involve pate or blue cheese at christmas! (Or butternut squash which is the one vegetable I cannot stand!!)

    I have found some pateurised Brie though so have been living on Brie and Bscon toasties to compensate!

    LuckyVal - food seems to be ruling my life as well! Last night I woke up in the middle of the night starving and this mornin hubby was getting well annoyed with me as I was trying to do toast to eat in the car (never done thst before as I usually have cerael at work - which I am now doing whilst I type!) Was so busy making toast though that I left my scarf behind - that will teach me! image

    We havent done much organising yet - we have been trying to move house and having sold ours and had offer accepted on our dream house (I have been eyeing up this house since we moved to the area 5 years ago!) our buyer then dissapeared! So until we decide that its too late to move we wont be ordering any big stuff! I have brought some vests, a couple of baby grows and a little jacket and the steriliser that was half price in Tesco when they were doing the double points exchange on baby stuff a couple of weeks back, but thats it! My mom has however started knitting for England and im sure that she is going to present us with about 6 little outfits when we see them on Saturday! She is soooooo excited!

    Hope everyone is sleeping better now - im off to look for a maternity pillow this weekend as have been getting really achy legs in bed!

  • Hi ladies,

    Can I join, I'm due on the 4th May, having our 20 week scan on Fri 17th, can't wait!!! Is everyone planning on finding out the sex or going to be patient and have a surprise?

    I think I've gone from 31st to the 7th and now the 4th with my different scans so I'm hoping the date doesn't change again!

    Hope everyone's feeling ok and looking after themselves in the snow x
  • Hi MrsHBarney - wow your date has really jumped forward hasn't it! I was thrilled when they bought my date forward by a week as it was kind of like a free week and you got almost a free month!

    We're going to wait to find out the sex, I think it's a nice surprise at the end. I already have a girl and a boy and the baby's room wont be decorated until after it arrives anyway.

    Haven't had to look after myself much in the snow - everyone else has gone overboard doing that for me image I have my own office at work and for the first hour I get quite a few visitors, checking I've arrived ok, am I warm enough, do I have 'proper' shoes on. Then they check at lunch to see if I'm having something hot to eat. Then they all come back before I leave to help me with my big coat and see me to my car ( I also car share in the bad weather so not only are they walking me but they walk my non pregnant friend too imageimage )

    I went to my friends the other night for her birthday and I wasn't allowed to get up and fetch my own buffet or drinks! I am grateful to everyone for their help but sometimes it feels like a little too much!!!!!

    AND h2b says we are definitely going to get a maternity pillow this weekend which points to the possibility that he isn't sleeping well next to me imageimageimage

    How is everyone?
  • Hi, the nearer it gets, the more I freak... as long as it stays in May, I'll be ok, April sounds way too soon!!!

    Ah bless everyone being so lovely and looking out for you, I've been taking it easy but I'm not good and being told what to do, yet along what not to do!

    Hubby has ordered me a dream genii, it's not necessarily that I'm uncomfortable at night but I'm just conscious that I shouldn't be laying flat so I keep rolling from one side to the next...

    how's everyone else getting on?

    H x
  • I'm doing ok at the moment, seem to have a craving for cool watery foods like grapes and cucumber, which is fairly healthy (also have an afternoon chocolate craving too but I wont go into that!)

    H2b is convinced our little one will arrive in April. My two children were both somewhat large and arrived before the due date (daughter was 9lb 9oz and one week early, son was 10lb and three weeks early image ) So we are thinking anywhere between 11 April and 19 May! All I'm thinking is not the royal wedding - I want to watch it!

    I've always gone to sleep on my left side but I keep waking up lying on my back - I've never slept like that!
  • LuckyValLuckyVal Posts: 221
    Hi ladies,

    MrsHBarney- has your dream genii arrived yet? You'll have to let me know how you are getting on with it. I'm still on and off with mine, I think it's because I keep waking up in the middle of the night with cramps in my left hip and thigh...I'm sure it's nothing to do with the pillow and all to do with the hormones but the pillows not helping with it as much as I'd hoped!

    Also and I'm sorry if this is TMI but I'm interested to know if anyone is having issues with discharge? I know it increases during 2nd tri and I read it was to keep everything free of infection...but mine is quite watery at the moment and just occasionally has a little vinegary odour...(sorrry!!). Has anyone got any views/experience of this themselves?

    And don't even get me started on the bleeding gums!!!

    Haha! I am enjoying pregnancy but it's not without it's challenges!!

  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    Hi All,

    Not sure whether anyone will be intersetd but I picked up some great maternity trousers in Mothercare on saturday! Both pairs half price!

    LuckyVal, im the same with the discharge! Im not too concerned about it, just thought I might have done with sanitary products for 9 months!

    Starying to get quite big now - though it might take longer than this! But then I am still eating for England! How is everyone else getting on?

    Anyone else got a really disgusting nose? I have to unblock it every morning and what comes down is horrid!

  • LuckyVal - no sign of dream genii, apparently it was only sent yesterday due to the weather... hope it arrives soon!

    I haven't had any of those problems with bleeding gums, blocked noses etc, the worst thing for me now is just the lack of energy and stamina to do anything, especially in the mornings. Bump seems to have really grown in the last week or two, living in leggings but still not sure what looks best, loose fittings clothes to hide it or tight ones to show it off! Struggling with finding trousers, they're always so long, especially now I'm not wearing heels!

    Hope everyone has a lovely relaxing weekend, only 6 days now till my 20 week scan, cannot wait! x
  • Hi all. How you doing?

    LuckyVal and MrsHBarney - Just wanted to pop on (just in case I don't get another chance!) to say good luck with your scans this week. image

    I'm getting nervous again and have worked myself up a little. Once I get in there I'll be fine. Luckily work is busy and I have lots of christmas shopping to do so that will keep me occupied and my mind off it.

    I don't think my bump has grown much in the last couple of weeks, although everyone else seems to be commenting on how huge they think I am image

    Sent h2b up into the loft yesterday to put things back up there (like the Christmas tree box!) and told him to fetch the baby clothes down that have been up there for years now (my aunt wants to know what I need knitting so I have to check now as she'll be over at my house on boxing day) Lots of things I know I saved are not in the box so now I'm having a bit of a freak about that! Had a bit of a cry when I realised someone very small who will fit into those clothes will be arriving in a few months. Hormones - don't you just love 'em?

    Better go - I should really be getting ready for work!!!!

    Good luck to anyone else that has their scan this week or next!

  • LuckyValLuckyVal Posts: 221
    Hi Nutter Rae!

    Thanks so much for your good wishes! Same to you! You'll have to come on here on Weds eve to let me know and I'll do the same ! Where are you based?

    I know how you feel though I'm a bit nervous too...although having said that I can feel the baby move so much tonight! It's amazing! This is the most I've felt it. When I look at my tummy it's twitching like crazy...

    I love it!!

    Are you guys finding out the sex? We aren't. But I know it will be so tempting to change our minds once we're there! I am determined to be strong though!

    That's so lovely that you have those bits and pieces stored away. We haven't bought anything other than the pram yet - I think I'll start after Christmas although I'm sure we'll get some bits from Santa!!

    MtsHBarney I'm hte same as you- Living in leggins! I saw Mamas and Papas have a lot of their maternity wear at 50% off so worth a look if you need some extra bits

    Right- I'm off to bed now.. Only 4 days left at work before Christmas and then 2 weeks off!! I'm

    So in need of it!! I can't wait!!

  • I'll try to come on here on Wednesday night, if I can fight two kids and a geek out of the way!

    I don't seem to get any consistency to the movements, for about a week and a half it was every night around 5pm - which is when I drive home from work. Then some days I don't feel anything at all - probably because I'm running around so much that I don't have time to feel it!

    We are not finding out the sex - I'm happy with the surprise at the end. H2b said he was fine with not knowing either but we may spot something on the scan - during the first scan they had to stand up and point at the screen so that he could see where the heart was - how is he going to 'spot' anything by accident??? image

    Mil2b has bought a pair of booties with 50% mommy and 50% daddy on them and I've been offered some reusable nappies - brand new- at a reduced price, which we are seriously thinking about getting. The lady had twins 12 weeks early (both fine and have now reached their due date!) but she had enough for two separate children and she's found that she just doesn't need that many. Looking forward to really starting the baby shopping after Christmas though image

    I live a couple of miles out of Birmingham. I also finish work on Friday for two weeks off, I work in a secondary school and this half term seems to have gone on forever and ever and the thought of not having to get up and go out to work is heaven.

  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    Good luck for your scans ladies!

    And enjoy your last few days at work - im very jealous, working all the way to xmas eve this year! (Although i have only been doing 4 day weeks recently due to lots of leave to take!) Somehow even with long weekends I still seenm to be running around at bed time still trying to get things done! Oh well, im sure its all good practice!

    My 20 week scan is not until 7th jan when I will be 22 weeks as no chance over the xmas week of getting in! Dont think we will find out the sex!

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