Any lawyers here (please help)


Please can anyone help me with a question?

I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and about to start my maternity leave tomorrow. I have been having trouble with my boss for months but today feel like she has been trying to get evidence on me to fire me.

Please can you tell me if I can be fired whilst I am on maternity leave?

I have worked there for 10 months on 4th November.

Please if someone can help me put my mind at rest I would be very greatful

Thanks in advance


PS - sorry for the depressing thread



  • Debbie_85Debbie_85 Posts: 571
    I'm not a lawyer, however I think you can really be fired at anytime. It would be different if you were being sacked solely because you're pregnant. If anyones boss has evidence of wrong doing enough to constitue a sacking I don't think it would matter if you were annual leave / sick leave / maternity leave etc...What makes you think they were trying to gather evidence?


  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Hi I work in HR - unfortunately they can dismiss you within less than a year if they have good reason to but they would have done it by now so you have no claims for unfair dismissal.

    You should find out what it is you have done wrong.

    The fact you are going on maternity leave does not stop them making you redundant either - they just need to follow procedure and be clear that your role has disappeared and not because you are pregnant.

    Sorry this does not sound encouraging but if I was you I would understand the route of the problem so you can go away on maternity leave and enjoy it.

  • My hubby is a solicitor-I will show him your question when he is back from wiork xx
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    look at when the original was posted, im not sure she needs the help anymore tbh
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    This was resurrected by a spammer - which for once they've removed quickly! image
  • how strange! Lol
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